Ferrari tries “new nose”; radical, eh?


Ferrari has reportedly tried a new nose cone on their F2008 and will introduce it at the Bahrain Grand Prix in a few weeks. According to F1-Live, it has a hole in it above the front upper wing, passing through the nose. This raises the question: is a nose cone considered “radical”? In the F1 world at the moment, any change at all is “radical”…a hole through the nose cone? Gee, that’s sorta like what they’ve got down below, on the main wing: above the wing, two side supports and a hole in the middle. If you add a smaller wing up above, wouldn’t the same theory that works on the bottom wing work on the top one?

Formula 1: Where, when two alike theories are found to be the same, it’s considered radical. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!


One Response to “Ferrari tries “new nose”; radical, eh?”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Holy wing holes batman!

    Although nothing beats Red Bull’s awesome engine cover.

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