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Massa extends time until dismissal

April 10, 2008

By winning the Bahrain Grand Prix, Felipe Massa has extended the time he has left at Ferrari until he gets dumped, presumably at the end of 2008, in favor of either Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso(depending on who you ask).

“He wasn’t expected to win the race, but now that he has, he may be able to stay until the end of the year,” said a Ferrari official who requested anonymity. “Everyone knows that we’d like a driver with actual talent for 2009, and unfortunately Felipe is unable to provide that. Of course, if he wrecks his car much more, we’ll dump his fat keister early and replace him with either Michael or Sebastien Vettel. It’d be a good thing to get Vettel in the car, of course, as we could give him a slower car, making him look slow and therefore removing him from our list of future opponents, as nobody wants a slow driver. We’ll have to see though…”

In supposedly unrelated news, Dietrich Mateschitz revealed that Fernando Alonso would only accept a one-year contract for whatever team he signed with this year. At the same time, Alonso explained that he has an exit clause with Renault if he doesn’t have a “winning car” in 2008.