Alonso needs a reality check


Fernando Alonso stated after the Canadian Grand Prix that he would have had a chance to win had his team not called him in for a pitstop.

“We would probably have won if we had stayed on track instead of pitting when the safety car came out.

“Heidfeld came out ahead of Kubica and he was quite far behind us. He had a long stop. Stopping on lap 25 we would have been ahead of Kubica and we could have won the race.

“We are not going to have a lot of chances to fight for the podium with BMW, and less of being able to match their speed, like this weekend. We had the chance and we didn’t take it.”

Paddock insiders claim that this is just another example of Alonso losing faith in his team and trash-talking them, much as he did at McLaren in 2007.

“He’s ready to go somewhere else for 2009,” the anonymous official said. “I don’t know who would want him, though….maybe he plans to invest some of that huge salary he’s making in restarting Super Aguri? My god, that would be horrible…”

Alonso has been rumored to be driving for Ferrari in 2009, but with his current lack of results due to idiotic crashes, I would consider it extremely unlikely.


One Response to “Alonso needs a reality check”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Alonso has been rumored to take Raikkonen’s seat in 2010, not 2009.

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