USGP Watch – Maybe ’09, Maybe not?


The FIA released a provisional schedule for the 2009 F1 championship, not many changes from the ’08 schedule except for some shuffling of venues and dates. Which includes moving the Turkish GP after the race at the Hungboraring and swapping the French and British GP dates. The Australian GP looks like it’ll stay in Melbourne for the ’09 season, no word if it’ll become a night race. The new street circuit in Abu Dhabi will close out the season in mid-November. If you’re keeping count, that brings the total number of races to 19. Noticeably absent is any mention of a race anywhere in the United States. Hopefully this provisional schedule doesn’t become official until there are 20 races on the schedule (which is a number the FIA really wants to aviod), including a race in the ‘States.

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar (provisional)

  1. 29 March Australia
  2. 5 April Malaysia
  3. 19 April Bahrain
  4. 10 May Spain
  5. 24 May Monaco
  6. 7 June Canada
  7. 21 June Great Britain
  8. 28 June France
  9. 12 July Germany
  10. 26 July Hungary
  11. 9 August Turkey
  12. 23 August Europe (Valencia)
  13. 6 September Italy
  14. 13 September Belgium
  15. 27 September Singapore
  16. 11 October Japan
  17. 18 October China
  18. 1 November Brazil
  19. 15 November Abu Dhabi


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