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July 31, 2008

I could not keep from laughing when reading this….I’m sorry….

Michael Schumacher has crashed a Fiat van into a car dealer’s gate in England.  The dealer is in utter shock that the incident occurred.

This brings to my mind two questions:

1.  What exactly caused Schuey to hit the gate?  Like, really.  A van isn’t exactly as difficult to control as an F1 car.

2.  Does this mean that the car guy can join the exclusive “I’ve been hit by Michael Schumacher Club”, along with Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill?

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July 29, 2008

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Why NASCAR shouldn’t race at Indy for Dummies

July 28, 2008

Finally…the moment has come.

NASCAR, long known to real race fans as the most boring sport in the world, has achieved new levels of idiocy. In an attempt to succeed F1’s dumbest ever moment, the 2005 United States Grand Prix, NASCAR has managed to create something approximately as interesting as watching grass grow. NASCAR evidently was unable to realize that the temperature in Indianapolis in July is just under that in Hell, and chose a tire that worked in 60 degree weather. Faced with 100 degree weather, NASCAR put out “Competition [Hindering] Cautions” in an attempt to let drivers change tires. This is completely unlike Indianapolis’ 2005 USGP, in which the Michelin teams were not allowed to CHANGE tires. Evidently, NASCAR hasn’t learned a thing, and instead of repeating history, have made it look pretty doggone good. And in the process, they may have come up with the best possible reason to bring F1 back to America.

Where in the world is Ralfie Schumacher?

July 28, 2008

For those of you who guessed DTM, you have just won this awesome trophy!

Anyway, after his departure from the Toyota F1 team after the 2007 season, Ralf Schumacher decided to take his career away from F1 and from co-owning a chain of sex shops to drive a Mercedes-Benz C-class in the DTM series. This past Sunday at the Nurburgring in the wet, Ralfie astonished everyone by doing something we haven’t seen him do since his F1 days, score a point!

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Anyway, congratualtions to Ralfie on his incredible feat, hopefully somebody in F1 will really see what ‘ol Ralfie can do.

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Sebastian and Sebastien show to be canceled

July 17, 2008

Not that it’s surprising to anybody, but it was made official today that Sebastian Vettel will replace David Coulthard at Red Bull Racing, teaming up with Aussie journeyman Mark Webber.

Red Bull confirmed on Thursday that Sebastian Vettel will join their line-up from sister team Toro Rosso for the 2009 season. Vettel will replace the retiring David Coulthard and race alongside incumbent driver Mark Webber.

“I am very proud to be joining Red Bull Racing and it’s always good to have an early decision on what you are doing next year,” said the 21 year-old German following the announcement. “As a driver your target is always to be with the most competitive team possible and, over the past couple of years, Red Bull Racing has proved it has great potential, so this is a good move for me.

“I have been part of the Red Bull family for a long time, with its Junior Team since 2000. Throughout my career, they have offered me great support and now, to drive for their senior F1 team is a dream come true and I am looking forward to having a great season next year, even if I still have a lot to learn about F1. Apart from Red Bull, I must also say a big thank you to Scuderia Toro Rosso, where I feel very much at home.

“They have been my “family” for over a year and I would like to thank Franz (Tost) and Gerhard (Berger) for the opportunity they gave me and thank the entire team for all their efforts. Having got this announcement out of the way, I can concentrate on racing for Toro Rosso over the second half of the season. I will try and repay them by doing my very best to get some more good results, to add to those we have achieved so far.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner added: “We are delighted that Sebastian will be joining us next year. With David Coulthard announcing his retirement as a Formula One driver a fortnight ago at the British Grand Prix, after careful consideration, it seemed natural to announce his replacement here at Sebastian’s home race in Hockenheim. As he was already part of the Red Bull family, choosing Sebastian as Mark Webber’s team mate was not a difficult decision.

“However, we have always stated that our aim is to have the strongest available driver line-up and Vettel’s selection also matches these criteria. Having only turned 21 at the last race and with only 17 Grand Prix starts to his name, he is still on a learning curve, but it is clear that he has plenty of ability and speed. We are confident that Red Bull Racing will make the most of these attributes and believe that, in Mark and Sebastian, we have a very competitive driver line-up for 2009.”

Vettel made his Formula One race debut for BMW Sauber in 2007, standing in for an injured Robert Kubica at the United States Grand Prix. He subsequently joined Toro Rosso partway through last year and is currently competing in his first full F1 season. From 17 Grand Prix starts he has scored 11 points and enjoyed his best race result at last year’s Chinese event, finishing fourth.

Toro Rosso have yet to announce who will replace Vettel in their line-up next season.


July 14, 2008

Lately, it seems that most F1 teams are following the trend started by the Red Bull Racing on their RB4 chassis and the factory Renault team by adding ‘fins’ to the rear engine cover. The rumor is that the fins add sideforce (meaning that the car is less likely to lose grip when it’s racing side by side with another car) and improve stability on the straightaways. Are they necessary? Well, with TC banned for ’08 teams are bound to try anything to make the cars easier to drive. Do they look stupid? Well, if you’re able to take a car that will run 10th at best and are able to make it run well in the points, you really don’t care how it looks. I’m sure if painting the cars pink and gold could improve top speed, you would see teams painting their cars pink and gold.

Anywho, here are the teams that are testing out some fins of their own while testing at the Hockenheimring in preparation for this weekends’ German Grand Prix.

Coulthard calls it a career

July 3, 2008

David Coulthard Announces Retirement

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Only a couple days until his home race at Silverstone, David Coulthard announced that he would no longer be a Formula 1 driver after the 2008 season. He began his career driving for the Rothmans Williams-Renault team in 1994 after the tragic death of Ayrton Senna, since then he has won 13 races, 12 pole positions and 63 podiums in 230+ starts. DC also drove for McLaren and Red Bull Racing, and this year at Canada scored a 3rd place finish.

Coulthard nor Red Bull Racing mentioned who would replace DC in 2009, but all signs point to Sebastian Vettel moving from the Scuderia Toro Rosso team, which is heavily affiliated with the Red Bull Team. Couthard will also take a role of test driver/consultant with the team.

The Release from Coulthard in full:

I would like to announce today my decision to retire from racing in Formula One at the end of this season. I will remain actively involved in the sport as a consultant to Red Bull Racing focusing on testing and development of the cars. I have an open mind as to whether or not I will compete again in the future, in some other form of motorsport, so I am definitely not hanging up my helmet!

My decision to retire was taken earlier in the year and is based on a desire to stop while I am still competitive and enjoying the immense challenge that Grand Prix driving represents. I also have the desire to look for new challenges within the sport. The decision to make this announcement at the British GP should be an obvious one for all to understand, as I have achieved two of my thirteen F1 victories at Silverstone and I am a member of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which hosts this event.

I am proud of my work at Red Bull Racing and will continue to race with the same focus until the last lap in Brazil. Thereafter I will continue to help the team develop and move towards their ultimate goal of winning races.

There are many people who have played a part in my career and I would like to list a few of them below;

– My parents whose energy and encouragement through my entire career has been amazing

– Dave Boyce who guided me through Karting

– David Leslie Senior and Junior for teaching me how to set up and race a car

– Sir Jackie and Paul Stewart for putting me through their ‘staircase of talent’

– Sir Frank Williams and Williams Renault for having the faith to promote me from test driver to race driver, which lead to my first GP victory

– Ron Dennis and the McLaren team where I spent nine seasons and achieved the majority of my success.

– Norbert Haug and Mercedes for being racers through and through

– Dietrich Mateschitz and his Red Bull Racing team for providing me with the chance to contribute to the development of a new team, while continuing to compete and add to my tally of podiums

– Christian Horner for his open and professional management style in association with Helmut Marko

– Bernie Ecclestone for providing such a strong platform for us all to develop our skills and be able to call ourselves professionals. In years to come, my future family will still be thanking him for the financial success of F1

– My management team of Martin Brundle and David Cawthorne in association with Annette Hutchinson and Iain Cunningham for providing their valued opinions.

– There have been three teams but only one designer, so Adrian Newey deserves special thanks for all the champagne that I have sprayed

– And last but not least, all the media, officials, marshals, medical support, mechanics, engineers, sponsors, lawyers, accountants and back room staff that I have worked with during this period.

Silverstone 2008

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Even Toyota knows that they are beyond any human help…

July 2, 2008

Despite scoring their FIRST podium of 2008 at the French Grand Prix, Toyota are still the laughingstock of the F1 paddock.  Why?  Well, it could be that despite a budget larger even than Ferrari’s(Toyota’s budget per year is rumored to be in the $500m USD range), Toyota have scored….one podium.  Ferrari?  A heck of a lot more.

So therefore, Toyota has requested the help of Batman!  Yes, Toyota is going to be propelled by Batman-power at the British GP.  Other than seeing the topic in my RSS feed and deciding that a post on it would be amusing, I know nothing about this other than a guess that it may have something to do with sponsorship.

Sorry that I’m too lazy to put more, but just thinking about Toyota is so boring that it’s putting me to sleep..zzzzzzzzzz

DC to call it a career after ’08?

July 1, 2008

David Coulthard

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With 236 starts and 13 wins, David Coulthard has done pretty well since he started Formula 1 racing in 1994 driving for teams like Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. With that said, he still has has doubts about his future despite all that success. With his contract with Red Bull Racing up at seasons’ end, there is much speculation that DC may retire and take up television by broadcasting races on the BBC, who will become Britain’s sole provider of F1 coverage starting in 2009. There are also rumors that STR driver Sebastian Vettel may take Coulthard’s seat on his way to possibly drive for Renault in the not-so-distant future.

In an interview with, Coulthard said; “I’m currently a grand prix driver, I have been for many seasons, and I’m sitting here still as a grand prix driver because I still enjoy it, and I get a buzz from it, and clearly I deliver a value enough for the team to commit to me for the last few years. There will come a point, naturally, where that’s not going to continue and… boo hoo, you know? There are a lot of worse things that can happen to you. You just move on to the next challenge.”

And when he was asked about possibly taking his last step on the podium at Silverstone Coulthard responded; “Well, I wouldn’t give anything, but it would definitely be a great feeling. But I really enjoyed being on the podium in Canada – it’s a great feeling.”