DC to call it a career after ’08?


David Coulthard

Image Credits: GPUpdate.net

With 236 starts and 13 wins, David Coulthard has done pretty well since he started Formula 1 racing in 1994 driving for teams like Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. With that said, he still has has doubts about his future despite all that success. With his contract with Red Bull Racing up at seasons’ end, there is much speculation that DC may retire and take up television by broadcasting races on the BBC, who will become Britain’s sole provider of F1 coverage starting in 2009. There are also rumors that STR driver Sebastian Vettel may take Coulthard’s seat on his way to possibly drive for Renault in the not-so-distant future.

In an interview with autosport.com, Coulthard said; “I’m currently a grand prix driver, I have been for many seasons, and I’m sitting here still as a grand prix driver because I still enjoy it, and I get a buzz from it, and clearly I deliver a value enough for the team to commit to me for the last few years. There will come a point, naturally, where that’s not going to continue and… boo hoo, you know? There are a lot of worse things that can happen to you. You just move on to the next challenge.”

And when he was asked about possibly taking his last step on the podium at Silverstone Coulthard responded; “Well, I wouldn’t give anything, but it would definitely be a great feeling. But I really enjoyed being on the podium in Canada – it’s a great feeling.”


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