Even Toyota knows that they are beyond any human help…


Despite scoring their FIRST podium of 2008 at the French Grand Prix, Toyota are still the laughingstock of the F1 paddock.  Why?  Well, it could be that despite a budget larger even than Ferrari’s(Toyota’s budget per year is rumored to be in the $500m USD range), Toyota have scored….one podium.  Ferrari?  A heck of a lot more.

So therefore, Toyota has requested the help of Batman!  Yes, Toyota is going to be propelled by Batman-power at the British GP.  Other than seeing the topic in my RSS feed and deciding that a post on it would be amusing, I know nothing about this other than a guess that it may have something to do with sponsorship.

Sorry that I’m too lazy to put more, but just thinking about Toyota is so boring that it’s putting me to sleep..zzzzzzzzzz


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