Lately, it seems that most F1 teams are following the trend started by the Red Bull Racing on their RB4 chassis and the factory Renault team by adding ‘fins’ to the rear engine cover. The rumor is that the fins add sideforce (meaning that the car is less likely to lose grip when it’s racing side by side with another car) and improve stability on the straightaways. Are they necessary? Well, with TC banned for ’08 teams are bound to try anything to make the cars easier to drive. Do they look stupid? Well, if you’re able to take a car that will run 10th at best and are able to make it run well in the points, you really don’t care how it looks. I’m sure if painting the cars pink and gold could improve top speed, you would see teams painting their cars pink and gold.

Anywho, here are the teams that are testing out some fins of their own while testing at the Hockenheimring in preparation for this weekends’ German Grand Prix.


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