Why NASCAR shouldn’t race at Indy for Dummies


Finally…the moment has come.

NASCAR, long known to real race fans as the most boring sport in the world, has achieved new levels of idiocy. In an attempt to succeed F1’s dumbest ever moment, the 2005 United States Grand Prix, NASCAR has managed to create something approximately as interesting as watching grass grow. NASCAR evidently was unable to realize that the temperature in Indianapolis in July is just under that in Hell, and chose a tire that worked in 60 degree weather. Faced with 100 degree weather, NASCAR put out “Competition [Hindering] Cautions” in an attempt to let drivers change tires. This is completely unlike Indianapolis’ 2005 USGP, in which the Michelin teams were not allowed to CHANGE tires. Evidently, NASCAR hasn’t learned a thing, and instead of repeating history, have made it look pretty doggone good. And in the process, they may have come up with the best possible reason to bring F1 back to America.


One Response to “Why NASCAR shouldn’t race at Indy for Dummies”

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