Sorry ladies, Adrian isn’t interested


Not right now anyway.

Adrian Sutil, the 25-year-old race driver for Force India, says he has chosen to not have a girlfriend during the early phase of his Formula One career.

The German, who made his debut for the outfit’s previous incarnation Spyker in 2007, wrote in a column for Formule 1 Race Report that – in frequenting the paddock as a Grand Prix star – it would not be difficult to end his spell as a bachelor.

“Is it easier to get girls if you race in F1? The simple answer is ‘yes’. But I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment,” he admitted.

In contrast, Sutil’s closest friend among his F1 rivals, Lewis Hamilton, is a regular in the gossip pages in his native Britain.

Sutil said: “I want to concentrate completely on my job, because I’m at a phase of my career when a relationship, particularly at the beginning, would be too distracting.”

Sutil, a talented concert pianist himself, is accompanied to Grand Prix by his Uruguayan father Jorge, who was a professional musician.

WHAT? This is coming from a man who comes from a country where women like this and this come from. Something isn’t right with him; does he need help getting girls? Is he scared to talk to them? Or is he just embrassed to tell them “Yes, I’m a Formula 1 driver, but I drive the worst car on the grid. But enough about me, let’s hear about you.”

Honestly, I couldn’t give a you know what about what car I drove in F1. Hell, I’d probably get girls even if I only drove the safety car!

Adrian, if you need help, you can always consult this book:

(click the image for a full size cover shot)


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