Spa Liveblog


Greetings from Spa.  We’re riding today with ITV and their numerous unnamed commentators.

We’re about ten minutes in currently–thank the Weekend Effect(read: I didn’t wake up early enough on a Saturday…)

Hamilton quickest.  Trulli onboard, six tenths down at S2 but still quickest in Sector 2 itself.  Huh?

Trulli goes 5th.

Fisichella physically LOOKS slow.  Wow.

Heidfeld using ALL of the kerbing.  Very edgy-looking.  Fighting for his job.

Big discussion about where Stavelot Corner is.  Yay for dumb commentators!

8 to go.

Raikkonen eight hundredths slower than Hamilton.

Sutil mows the lawn.

“Coulthard fourteenth and under pressure.”  Yeah, sure…he’s with a team who loves him and they know he’s only running until the end of the season.  Fifth quickest nonetheless.

Kovalainen onboard.  “Look at the MAJESTIC sweep of these corners!” “Kovalainen shows great pace in qualifying, but Hamilton’s SOOOOOO much quicker in qualifying…”  Lewisteria at work…

Kovalainen goes 1st by .7 seconds.

Webber looking worried for no apparent reason.

4:20 to go.

Nakajima says he has understeer AND oversteer.  Fix that, guys!

Massa throgh Eau Rouge…OMG.  That’s spectacular.  Quickest in S1 by 0.021s.

Guy says you have to “attack” the corners.  I believe it may be Martin Brundle.  Brilliant observation, Martin!

Massa 0.058 off in S2.  “Bus Stop is not the Bus Stop anymore.”  FINALLY!  WE HAVE TRUTH!

Massa goes to P2.  0.061 off Kovalainen.

Sutil to 14th!  Go Adrian! (Blatant like-underdog-driver here)

Fisichella not anywhere NEAR making it to Q2.  What else is new?

“Vijay Mallya is the Indian Richard Branson.”  Quote of the month?

PIQUET quickest in Sector 2?!?!?

Webber to P8!  Coulthard to P6!

Session time over.  Piquet to 5th?!?

BOURDAIS TO P1?  OMG.  Knock down drag out from Champ Car Dude(CCD).

Barrichello to 16th.  Fantastic, isn’t it?

DUMB commercial with Def Leppard’s Rocket playing.  Followed by some random commercial involving an HO gauge model train.  I have no idea what it was actually for.

Fascinatingly weird commercial with Hamilton onboard shots interspersed with random shots of a city.  Ends with guy kissing girl.  Why?

Sony ad again…

Sound of Bourdais going “WOOO OOOH OOOOOOOOOOH” over the radio.  Sounds as though he is 1. a kid who just got a toy store for Christmas or 2. he’s having a heart attack.

Honda wants Alonso.  Duh?

Nakajima’s helmet is HORRIBLE looking.  Repaint that, dude!

Q2 has begun- 15:00 to go.  Back to Martin Brundle…..nooooooooooooooo…..

Raikkonen guns it out of the garage.  Jeez dude, it’s the pitlane, slow down!

13:40 to go.

CopterCam shot–why exactly do I want to look at a helicopter skid?

Front wing shot on Raikkonen-I really actually like this cam.  Raikkonen looks SMOOOOOOOOOOTH.

Webber heading out.  Raikkonen begins hotlap.  FLAT through Eau Rouge.

Necessary ITV interview with the out-in-Q1 Jenson Button.  “I want rain tomorrow!”

Brundle muses about rain.  STOP IT BEFORE I DIE OF BOREDOM HERE….

Kovalainen slaughtering Raikkonen’s P1 time.  Hamilton slaughtering it even more.

Heikki to P1 by .261s.

OH NO.  MORE rambling about Hamilton being “beautiful”.  Martin, you ARE referring to his driving, right?!?!

Piquet mowing the lawn again.

Massa, Rosberg, Bourdais, Heldfeld, Kubica in knockout zone.  Who wants to bet that Rosberg’ll stay in it and nobody else will?

Rosberg 13th.

Christian Klien smiles at camera for no apparent reason.

Kubica finishing outlap.  Onboard through La Source.  Tad of a lockup…careful!  Eau Rouge, smoooooth….on along the straight.  Rambling from Brundle on nothing at all.

Kubica ROUGH through Turn 6–right turn downhill hairpin.

May be rain later!  WOOOOOOO!

Kubica is supposedly quick.  Definitely looks it.

5:45 to go.

Kubica to P6.  0.8 off….wow.

Replay of Kubica mowing grass.

Heidfeld to P4!  Rumored to be the first time all year that he’s been quicker than Kubica.

Back to Heidfeld onboard–looks smoother than anyone else.  Kovalainen shot–he’s quickest?  ITV hadn’t mentioned that!

Piquet out.  Prepare for Festival of Carbon Fibre.

Vettel looks pretty darn good.  0.3 off in S1.

“Ferrari engine is pushing Vettel around.”  Oh, so having a Ferrari engine is like being married to it?
Session over.

Glock 11th.  Coulthard – 12th.  Bourdais comes to the line…………………..SEVENTH!!!!!!!!

Webber to 10th.  Rosberg to…..15th.  Alonso to 6th.

Through to Q3 are:  Kovalainen, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Massa, Alonso, Kubica, Bourdai, Vettel, and Webber.
Commercial break!

Shot of billions of people on a grass hill.  I assume they’re watching the race.

Heidfeld has a BMW “Nick” water bottle.  Man, I want one of those.

Shot of Bourdais staring into nowhere.  THAT is concentration.

Massa tire-warming along the straight after Eau Rouge.

Vettel has helmet off, looks like he’s lounging in a recliner.  Couldn’t you look a TAD more serious, Seabass2?

The beginning of Massa’s lap is ignored in favor of discussing Hammy the Squirrel(HTS).

Down a single gear at Pouhon…..WOW.

Discussion of Ferrari engine explosions.  Massa is on second race for his engine…could totally blow it up.

Massa completes lap–WIDE in the Stus Bop.

Hamilton through chicane–is “blitzing” the track…FIVE TENTHS quicker than Raikkonen in P2.

Kovalainen through Stus Bop–P2 by 0.108!

HTS is half a second quicker than Kimi…OMG.  ITV commentator overload.

Renault asks Alonso if he wants to change the “flap.”  Huh?

Pitstop frenzy.  Everybody out at once to try and improve.

Vettel P10—not for long.

Massa playing with brake bias…JUST DRIVE THE BLASTED CAR!

Massa starts flying lap.  Hamilton close behind.  FINAL SHOT.

Massa quickest in S1….Hamilton even QUICKER!!!!!

Brundle explodes.

Session over.
Hamilton quickest in S2!  0.5 quicker!

Massa P1 by 0.295 over Hamilton’s last….

HTS through chicane!  and…….P1 by 0.340!

Raikkonen to P3!

Kovalainen coming……P3!  Raikkonen P4 now!

WHAT IS HAPPENING FURTHER BACK?  Apparently doesn’t matter.

Hamilton es todos.

HTS whoops over the radio.  Sounds pretty happy.

Final qualifying results:  Hamilton, Massa, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Alonso, Webber, Kubica, Bourdais, Vettel, Trulli, Piquet, Glock, Coulthard, Rosberg, Barrichello, Button, Sutil, Nakajima, Fisichella.

See you tomorrow during the race!


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