Belgian GP Liveblog


Greetings! We’re riding today with SpeedTV and Bob Varsha, David Hobbs, Peter Windsor(pit lane reporter) and Steve Matchett.  Less commentator hate today because the Speed guys are actually pretty good at what they do.

Should be a good race – Sebastien Bourdais in 8th!

Parade lap begins.  Everybody’s on the softer tires.  Oh joy.

Wet track – dry tires!!!!!

Everybody lines up on the grid.


Hamilton takes off.  Massa second, Raikkonen around the outside…lots of contact in the back, not sure who.

Alonso to P4….Toro Rosso in P5, no idea who.

Piquet in 7th?!?!?!

Trulli spins at the chicane and drives STRAIGHT into traffic!  Lucky as all get out to make it away without being T-boned.


Lap 2: Raikkonen, Hamilton, Massa, Alonso, Bourdais, Webber, Piquet.

HAMILTON SPUN?  And still only lost only a single place to Raikkonen.  Impressive.

Coulthard goes grass mowing.


Alonso just set fastest lap.  My viewing is enhanced.

Bourdais apparently got into Trulli at the start–but he’s still cruising along at normal speed.  No major car damage, then.

Kovalainen in 9th after the start….wow.

Heikki’s eating Piquet.  Passes him in Blanchimont at 190mph…..OMG.

Heidfeld wants Piquet’s points.  Up on his tail.

Correction- Heidfeld is 10th, Piquet 9th.

Heidfeld can’t do it into the chicane.

Lap 5 – Raikkonen/HTS are WAY ahead of everybody.

Kovalainen behind Kubica.

Some parts on Massa’s engine have been changed.  My viewing is FURTHER enhanced.

Vettel passes Piquet at the chicane.

Bourdais is STILL in 5th.  This won’t hurt his chances next year at all.

Kovalainen past Kubica!

Sutil mows the lawn.  And then goes into the gravel trap.  Impressive.

Lap 9.  Commercial break.


Back out behind Bourdais, Kubica, Kovalainen.

DRIVE THROUGH PENALTY FOR KOVALAINEN.  Stewards only penalize McLarens evidently.

Raikkonen in.  Hamilton needs one heck of an out lap.

Raikkonen out WAY in the lead.

Webber spun by Kovalainen.  Pits a lap later from P10.

Hamilton in P4.  Bad luck, but there’s still 30 laps to go.

Piquet just smashed the snot out of his rear end.  No idea where, but he’s done.  Missing his FRONT wing too…makes me wonder what exactly happened.

Piquet braked, spun, went in forward, bounced around and went in backward.  Highly amusing.

Bourdais in second with a stop coming up.  This is quite impressive.

Bourdais pits.

Out ahead of Kubica.  This could be bad, but Bourdais appears to actually be pulling away.

Kovalainen in 14th after drive-through.  Not a good day for this specific Finn…at least his country has SOMEBODY to cheer about 😛

Vettel pits from 4th.

Kubica BLOWS past Glock into Les Combes.

Bourdais still in 5th, Vettel sets fourth fastest lap.

Barrichello retires for unknown reasons.

Raikkonen now six seconds clear of Hamilton.  Argh.

Rain supposedly predicted.  OH YEAH.

Obligatory SpeedTV NASCAR commercial.  Come on dudes, I hate NASCAR….

Vettel is seventh, Heidfeld in 8th not far behind.

Raikkonen a second slower than Hamilton…AND HE PITS.

McLaren ready for Lewis.  Who pits.

Rosberg pits.  He’s so far back that I don’t know why they bother with him anymore.

Massa leads but will probably pit soon.


Serious clouds.  Rain possible much sooner than 20 minutes.

Kovalainen on Webber’s tail.

Hamilton gaining on Raikkonen.

Heikki passes Webber for 10th.  Grrrrrrrrreat.

Bourdais will pit in three laps.  Kubica will pit in four laps.  Ooooh!  My viewing has been eternally enhanced!

Hamilton onboard through Eau Rouge.  Eau Rouge should be a mandatory corner for all new racetracks, it is simply fantastic.

David Hobbs: “On board with Lewis…erm…Felipe Massa.”  Hmm, you think Dave?

Bourdais PITS.

Alonso in 6th.  No idea where he’s been all race–first mention of him in about thirty laps.

12 to go.

Kubica should be in this lap.

Kubica pits.

Kubica has FUEL PROBLEMS.  Bourdais’s 5th is safe!

Kubica out in 8th.

Kubica post overload hopefully complete.

Bourdais 5th – Vettel 6th.  Not bad for Minardi.

Phil Hill tribute.  Great driver, great guy – sad to see him gone.

Hamilton gaining slightly on Kimi.  FINALLY.

Massa gaining on Hamilton.  NOOOOOOOO.

More clouds?

Seven laps to go.

Alonso says there’s some water on the track.  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAA.

Commercial break – last before the end.

Hamilton CLOSE to Kimi.

Ferrari guys are hilariously worried looking.

Hamilton gets relatively sideways and loses a bit of ground.  Ferrari guys looking a tad happier.  RAINING.

Water at the hairpin!  This could be unbelievably cool.

HAMILTON PASSES AT LA SOURCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, this race has just gone insane.



This is going to be the most awesome final lap I’ve ever seen.  Hamilton is slow but steady.  Crowd going NUTS.

Anthony Hamilton’s expression closely resembles Kimi’s normal expression.

Hamilton through Blanchimont….

Bourdais 7th.  Heidfeld third….insane last lap from Heidfeld.

Alonso 4th.  No idea what happened with all of that…too much going on.

Massa looks annoyed, Hamilton is hugging the camera.

Raikkonen looks like he’s going to murder somebody.

Replay of Raikkonen spinning the first time, and then he spun again.

Cursing over radio from Raikkonen as he backs into the wall…

Vettel 5th, Kubica 6th, Bourdais 7th.  No idea about the rest of the field, it’s too confusing…

Wow, crazy race.  I’ll see you again at Monza in a week!


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