Marky-Mark clears up chicane controversy


Marky-Mark Webber, driver of the 10 car for Red Bull Racing, and member of the GPDA cleared up the chicane cutting rule this week (along with the FIA).

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Following the incident that saw Lewis Hamilton given a 25 second penalty for crossing a chicane and gaining an advantage, clarification has been communicated to the drivers with regard to future conduct.

It is understood that the FIA have told drivers to wait at least one corner, after ‘handing back’ an advantage, in order to be certain that claims of unfair advantage can be fairly refuted.

Hamilton dropped behind Raikkonen after overtaking him on the grass in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa last weekend, only to dive past him at the following corner.

McLaren are appealing the penalty on the grounds that in ceding the position Hamilton had given up any advantage gained.

Mark Webber, Red Bull driver and GPDA director, said the decision was welcome and cleared up a point that was previously unclear. Speaking to, the Australian said:

“We are still trying to find a solution for the second chicane here, because we still think there is a way to roll through there,” Webber told “But generally, it is pretty clear for people to probably not attack immediately again, which wasn’t mega, mega clear in the past.”


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