Monza Liveblog


Greetings!  Welcome to Monza.   We’re riding with ITV and their numerous unnamed commentators.  I may go offline unexpectedly, we’ve got huge rain here

Lap 1:  Race is starting under safety car.  SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS stalls on the grid from fourth…..

It appears Bourdais can start again, but he has some pretty serious hydraulic problems.

Lap 2:  Safety car IN this lap.  Vettel will lead away.

Lap 3:  Kovalainen WAY behind Vettel.  No drama yet into the first chicane.

Raikkonen to 13th, Hamilton to 14th.

Webber keeping up in third, Timo Glock past Alonso into 7th.

Lap 4:  Vettel two seconds in the lead.  Alonso repasses Glock into T1.

Coulthard passes Fisichella to go into 11th.  Hamilton went past Raikkonen but shortcutted a chicane….

Lap 5:  Commercial break.   Eew.

Lap 7:  Return to Monza.  Glock spins.  Vettel is SIX seconds in the lead.  Hamilton is slowish behind Raikkonen.  Momentary complaining about it by the ITV guys.

Hamilton tries to go inside Kimi.  Kimi closes door.  End of story.  Hamilton in 13th, Raikkonen in 12th, Fisichella in 11th.

Lap 8:  Raikkonen uberpasses Fisichella.  Vettel sets fastest lap.

Lap 9:  “Let’s get a Massa update”

Hamilton on Fisichella’s tail.  Gets in the slipstream…blows straight past.  Fisichella attempts to block, but no go.

Lap 10:  Hamilton past Raikkonen!

Lap 11:  Massa says that full wets are wearing out too quickly.  Intermediates will soon be needed.

Lap 14:  Hamilton passes Heidfeld.  Massa passes Rosberg.  Fisichella whacks his front wing off on Coulthard and goes STRAIGHT into the wall.

Lap 15:  Vettel ten seconds ahead.  Hamilton up to 9th and pushing Kubica for eighth.

Hamilton FLIES by Kubica.

Heavy rain on the way…..whoa.

Lap 17:  Piquet in 14th?!?!?!  VETTEL PITS.

ALONSO PASSES ALONSO.  Alonso tried to block, almost hit him, and then Alonso tried to come back in the chicane.  Hamilton will not be resisted.

Lap 19:  Kovalainen, Webber, Massa, Vettel.  Raikkonen making zero progress.

Lap 20:  Glock passes Alonso.  Good clean pass.  Alonso “reversing down the field.”

Hamilton right behind Trulli.

Passes into T1, goes wide….lets Trulli back past….

Lap 23.  Kovalainen pits.  Webber pits.  Vettel leads again.

Commercial break.

Dumb Renault Koleos commercial.  I laugh.

Lap 25.  Hamilton went straight around Rosberg.  No fight from Nico.  Glock pits.

Hamilton is “coming alive.”  I HATE ITV.

Trulli pits.  Raikkonen pits from 10th.

Hamilton only a second behind Vettel!

26 to go.  HAMILTON PITS.

Lap 28.  Hamilton in 10th ahead of Massa.

Rosberg pits.  Kovalainen back to 2nd.

Rosberg qualified fifth with a one-stop fuel load–I’m impressed.  Slight goof-up in the pits, but he makes it out.  Coulthard pits.

Coulthard on inters!  Will have to see how he does.

Coulthard goes straight on at the chicane.  Obviously a tad slippery on inters.

Vettel is 12.5 ahead of Kovalainen.  Oh my.

Lap 30:  Alonso pits.

Alonso takes inters!

Raikkonen passes Trulli.

Glock gets passed by Raikkonen.

Lap 32 – Commercial break.  Annoying.

Lap 34:  Massa pits.  INTERS.

Rosberg pits for inters.

Kovalainen pits.  Probably will get inters.  Yeah.

Webber pits for inters.

Massa gets a tad twitchy out of the Ascari chicane on his inters.

Trulli passes Kubica.  Mega.

Massa passes WEBBER….Whoa.


Kimi pits for intermediates.

Lap 35:  VETTEL PITS.  “Has to go for the intermediate tire.”

Piquet still hasn’t stopped.  Holy cow.  Vettel comes out a straight ahead of Hamilton, who pits for inters!

Hamilton right behind Massa!

Hamilton passes Webber.  Massa is next on his “hit list”…

Piquet and Button whack each other, though they’re still continuing.

Lap 37:  Vettel is sixteen laps from a win.  This could be absolutely mega.

Lap 39:  Massa passes Heidfeld by cutting a chicane.  Heidfeld goes back past.

Lap 41:  Vettel eleven seconds ahead of Kovalainen.

Lap 43:  Button and Coulthard “having a good old ding dong on the racetrack.”  ITV is amazingly dumb.

Piquet goes off-road.  SERIOUS off-road.

Lap 48:  Hamilton and Webber bounce off each other.  Webber may pass Hamilton for 7th!

Glock passes Coulthard.

Nakajima/Coulthard whack off each other at the Parabolica, damage on Coulthard, who pits.

Lap 53:  VETTEL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!  He’s hugging his helmet…is probably undergoing shock.  Kovalainen 2nd, Kubica 3rd, Alonso 4th, Heidfeld, Massa, Hamilton, Webber, Raikkonen.

Vettel “does not know what to say” according to his radio transmission.

Ok, to wrap up:

Vettel was simply brilliant.  Quick in the wet beyond belief, definitely deserves this win.  I will see you in Singapore in two weeks for another liveblog!


One Response to “Monza Liveblog”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Vettel was not just brilliant, he was perfect. The team was smooth, the driver was smooth and the fact that Sebastian started on pole in the wet only helped his cause.

    Something that puzzled me was how Hamilton suddenly lost all that speed as soon as he switched to inters and hung around 8th place.

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