Singapore Quali Liveblog


Hello guys!

Starting about eight minutes in due to my internet connection dying right at the start.

Currently Vettel, Kovalainen, Glock, Massa.

Hamilton goes P1.

Alonso quickest in S1.  Been quick all weekend.  Is this his chance?

9:40 to go.

Kovalainen on harder tire, Hamilton on softer.

Alonso to P2 – 4 tenths slower than in practice, probably going to get a LOT quicker.

Glock goes in circles.

Fisichella’s car is still trashed after a practice crash.  He probably won’t get out in quali.  AWWWW….he’d be 20th anyway.

Barrichello looks actually pretty good.  For a Honda, that is.

Heidfeld is going into the pits as Barrichello comes around–Barrichello has to slam on the brakes.  Yowza!

Kovalainen on the ABSOLUTE limit–slightly twitchy but just LOOKS fast.  Goes P1 by two tenths or so.

Raikkonen in 16th–do or die lap.

…Fisichella gets out, and crashes at the same spot he crashed in practice.  Whooooooops?

Raikkonen goes P1.

Massa to P4.

Shot of David Coulthard’s girlfriend.  My viewing is INCREDIBLY enhanced.

Alonso spun somewhere–don’t know when or where.


Piquet(he can be awesome one race, but completely screw up the next one.  NEXT PLEASE!)





On to Q2!

Kovalainen drifting around.  Cool.


What happened there?

Vettel out – looking good.

Apparently Renault told Alonso to pull over–no reason given.

Massa, Raikkonen, Vettel at the moment.  Vettel using every inch of the track, quite impressive.

Kubica to P4.

Heidfeld to P5.  Not bad for the “slower” BMW.

Kovalainen to P2.  ABSOLUTELY on the limit–bouncing, drifting, sliding.

Hamilton to only P8.  VERY uncomfortable looking.  Yikes!  All over the track.


Trulli to NINTH.

Glock to FIFTH.

Button to ELEVENTH.  Good drive for a Honda!

Nakajima to TENTH.


Hamilton tenth.  Rather close to not making it through Q2…

Q2:  Massa, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Vettel.


11. Trulli

12. Button

13. Webber

14.  Coulthard

15.  Alonso


Vettel first out.  He’s apparently had a high school temporarily named after him.  Wow?

Raikkonen VERY twitchy in the last turn.

Currently:  Massa, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Vettel.

3:30 to go.  Hamilton back onto super-soft tires.

Raikkonen sideways in T1, catches it and continues.

Final qualifying(had several glitches in Q3, couldn’t tell what happened):

Massa, Raikkonen, Hamilton


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