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First, I have to apologize for a qualifying goof up…Hamilton is second on the grid, not third. Raikkonen is third.

Well, now that that’s out of the way….

We’re riding along with ITV and their thirty or so(well, actually eight or something) commentators. Should be fascinating.


Hamilton gets a good start, but Raikkonen gets pretty close–Massa 1st, Hamilton 2nd, Raikkonen 3rd.

Kovalainen losing places left and right. Glock past him even–ouch.

Kovalainen repasses Glock, but Glock repasses Heikki…wow.

Lap 2: Massa in the lead by 2.8.

Alonso is ALL over in 12th behind Nakajima–he’s on soft tires and is fantastically quick.

Replay of start: Heidfeld cut the first corner, probably gained a spot, probably won’t get penalized.

Raikkonen’s already three seconds behind the Hamilton/Massa battle.

Lap 4: Massa 1.8 ahead of Hamilton and 6.2 aheead of Raikkonen. Absolutely creaming Kimi AGAIN. What on earth is wrong with Massa?

Nakajima has a MASSIVE lockup.

There are approximately ten cars stuck behind Trulli unable to get past.

One unnamed ITV guy references the “Trulli Train.” My viewing is mega enhanced.

Ferrari is sparking a lot more than the McLarens. A lot lower.

Rosberg trying Trulli everywhere.

Lap 6: Brake duct in the middle of the track between T9 and T10. Come on guys, clear that out of the way!

Commercial break. Many melting iPod Nanos are seen.

Rosberg and Nakajima have apparently gotten past Trulli. Replay of Rosberg’s pass, big lockup but he saved it. Brilliant.

Massa ran over debris SOMEWHERE…and it’s stuck on the car. OH NO HE’S GONNA BE TOAST. Or not.

Alonso passes Trulli. MEGA pass. Past way before the corner.

Now it’s Webber on Trulli.

Raikkonen now gaining on Massa/Hamilton.

Lap 9: Raikkonen sets fastest lap.

Lap 11: Raikkonen’s approximately a second a lap quicker than Hamilton and Massa ahead. And going quicker. According to ITV, the Iceman is “on fire.”

Trulli is FOUR SECONDS slower than the guys who passed him. Yikes, dude!

Hamilton is 1.5 seconds a lap quicker than his teammate Kovalainen.

Lap 12: Alonso pits. Long middle stint.

Alonso is describing his car as a “right handful.” Humor quotient of Formula One goes up by multiple hundreds of times.

Bourdais spins and recovers.

Nope–Bourdais overshoots a turn and recovers.

Rosberg being told to “push hard.” What do you think he’s doing, guys?!?!?!

Hamilton now 4.5 behind Massa.

Lap 14:

Piquet DESTROYS the car. Safety car. Came out of a corner, spun it around, and took the rear corner off the car. Fantastic looking crunch. He’s out of the car and appears fine, but the car is way toast.

Barrichello is apparently done. Helping push his car away.


He left the pitbox with the fuel hose still WAY on–hauled the entire thing down the pitlane!

Apparently Massa had a green light–he didn’t screw up, Ferrari did as a whole.

Alonso the highest placed guy who’s stopped. Whoda thunk it?

Safety car IN.

Hamilton in 8th. Massa in 18th. Possibly has fuel nozzle damage.

Rosberg and Kubica will get penalties for pitting during a closed pit lane.

Rosberg is about ten up on the entire field due to the Trulli Train behind him.

Rephrase: Trulli is running well in 3rd. Fisichella is holding up the train right now.

Lap 22: Rosberg is more than the length of the pit straight in the lead. Holy leader, batman!

Barrichello tosses his gloves into the bay!

“Luca de Montezemelo has just thrown something rather large against his television after seeing that pitstop.”


Lap 23: Massa gets a drive through penalty. As though he hadn’t suffered enough…

Rosberg and Kubica get ten second stop/go penalties. Rosberg may actually end up in a good spot considering his current lead.

Lap 27: Rosberg is 20 ahead of Fernando Alonso. He’ll lose about 30 in his stop/go, so he’s actually in a quite good position.

Kubica serves his penalty.
Webber goes WAY wide into T1, Hamilton gets past him.

Rosberg serves his penalty, returns in FOURTH ahead of Coulthard and Hamilton. Not too shabby at all!

Webber’s out. Don’t know why, but the engine is sounding rough. Something’s toast. Will he EVER get any luck?

Fisichella is on a one-stop, as is Trulli; both looking EXTREMELY good for some points. Wait a sec, FORCE INDIA and POINTS in the same sentence?!?!?

Kubica passes Massa. Massa is now absolutely nowhere.

Massa pits again. Three-stop or two stop?

Current order(of those fueled to the end): Alonso, Rosberg. HUH?

Lap 33: Trulli pits and returns ahead of Nakajima. Who very nearly passes Trulli into T7.

Alonso, Rosberg, Coulthard, Hamilton the current order.

Kovalainen pits.

…and the ITV stream dies.

Time to switch to SpeedTV!

Lap 36, 25 to go:

Alonso gaining on Hamilton. Pat Symonds looks bored.

Alonso gets twitchy through T2 and T3.

Nakajima passes Trulli. VERY close but he makes it stick.

Raikkonen INHALES Trulli. Not even tough.

Lap 40: Nico Rosberg stops. Final stop.

Tires out for Alonso.


Alonso returns ahead of Hamilton and Coulthard. Hamilton passes Coulthard–great pass!

Coulthard’s lollipop dude lets Coulthard go with the fuel hose still attached–he stopped quickly enough that he may be in a decent position.

Vettel pits from 3rd.

Rosberg appears to be in a pretty solid podium position. Nice job!

Lap 44: Hamilton seven seconds behind Raikkonen. Hamilton 5th, Kimi 4th.

Massa goes WAY wide past T2.

Commercial: Ryan Newman lovefest.

Coulthard radios in that he has brake problems. Oh my.

Sebastian Vettel has been unmentioned through the entire race, but is now seventh. Can this kid have a bad race lately?

Lap 49: Alonso is 17 ahead of Rosberg(and 1.2sec quicker a lap), while Raikkonen is RIGHT behind Rosberg but has to pit again.

TRULLI slow–don’t know why. Something happened, probably. He’s moving but not fast.

Raikkonen out of the pits in fifth. Vettel currently in sixth right behind.

OH MY, Sutil crashes!

Safety car time!

Massa was involved in Sutil’s crash. Trulli finally returns to the pits and goes straight in.

…Massa first spun, and then Sutil crashed later?

WHOA, Sutil hit about 1/4 second after Massa moved out of the way. Scary.

ANNOYING commercial. Argh.


9 to go.

Hamilton gets WAYYYYY sideways. Fantastic stuff.

Alonso 3.7 ahead of Rosberg after a SINGLE LAP?!?!?!?

Alonso six seconds ahead after two laps. And quickest in Sector 3…

Commercial break!

Hamilton is .7 behind Rosberg but doesn’t look like getting past.

4 to go. Raikkonen chasing Glock. RAIKKONEN WRECKS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

He bounced too far over the Turn 10 kerbs and just went straight in. He’s out of the car.

No safety car. Thank god.

Vettel in 5th!

Three to go. Alonso 4.7 in the lead, Rosberg 2 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

One to go! Crowd goes berserk.

ALONSO WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosberg 2nd, Hamilton 3rd, Glock 4th, Vettel 5th, Heidfeld 6th, Coulthard 7th, Nakajima 8th, Button 9th, Kovalainen 10th.

Bourdais 12th — decent!

Massa 13th, Fisichella 14th. Alonso screaming over radio.
“Well done mate, that was BRILLIANT!”

Well, this leaves Hamilton in the points lead with a margin of seven. He’s got a good shot at the win.

We’ll return in two weeks with the Japanese Grand Prix from Fuji!


One Response to “Singapore Liveblog”

  1. Miguel Says:

    I think we should all send Nelson Piquet Jr. and the mystery driver that ‘helped’ him thank you cards for creating that safety car, otherwise that race would’ve been more boring than Valencia.

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