The streets are tough (to put on a good race) – UPDATE


On Tuesday Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, released an amended calendar for the 2009 world championship. A provisional schedule was issued in June.

The revised calendar sees the Turkish Grand Prix changing from its original August slot to a June date, while the Canadian race has been dropped. In another revision, the Italian and Belgian races have swapped positions, with the Spa event now taking place on August 30, a fortnight before the Italian Grand Prix on September 13.

The 18-race championship will reach its finale in mid November with the inaugural Abu Dhabi race.

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship:
29 March Australia
5 April Malaysia
19 April Bahrain
10 May Spain
24 May Monaco
7 June Turkey
21 June Great Britain
28 June France
12 July Germany
26 July Hungary
23 August Europe (Valencia)
30 August Belgium
13 September Italy
27 September Singapore
11 October Japan
18 October China
1 November Brazil
15 November Abu Dhabi


Somebody please tell me logistics of how street courses, notorious for producing boooooorrrrriinnnng races (excluding Monaco) will be the right way for F1 to go, while getting rid of existing tracks (some damn fine ones at that) like Silverstone and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

Take a look at the race on the street course in Valencia earlier this season, it was a down right snoozer, only the drama of Kimi Raikkonen nearly killing his fueler and then blowing his engine up was the only true drama, otherwise Felipe Massa had the field covered.

click for full size

The last race in Singapore was going down the same route, only the spectacle of it being F1’s first night race and the safety cars (as well as the Trulli train) made it interesting.

So tell me this, if the FIA is trying to make the racing more intresting by bringing back slick tyres and reducing the cars downforce, then why are they making themselves look like hypocrites by adding new street venue after new street venue?

Come on Bernie, try to avoid bringing back the boringness that we were forced to endure during the Schumacher era.

UPDATE! Turns out, the organizers of the Canadian GP would only be able to host an F1 Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is if they got help from the Canadian governement which caused a “commercial disagreement” between the organizers and the FIA.

Paul Wilson, spokesman for the organization that puts on the Canadian GP said that there were a handful of proposals of ways to reduce Montreal’s financial burden were put to FIA and they expected at least one of them to be accepted, but were surprised when they were turned down.

“It is true that a commercial disagreement existed between us, and we are sorry that Mr. Ecclestone deemed it appropriate to cut short the negotiations and react in this manner,” Wilson said. “For an organization like ours, which is to say a private promoter, the actual business model implemented by the owners and the Formula One teams is no longer feasible.”

The only way the Grand Prix can be saved is when the Canadian government is willing to invest but they will have to decide if it is worth injecting cash to bring Formula One back to Monreal. “Is it worth it? I can’t answer that, they (the government) can,” said Wilson.

Well that settles that I suppose, I guess now we can start campaigning to bring back F1 to North America. (USGP 2010?)


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