And the Captain Obvious award goes to…


Lewis Hamilton for unleashing this piece of obviousness upon the world shortly after Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix.

“I did the corner normally and he came back very aggressively and hit me. I think that was pretty much as deliberate as can be,”

Well no shit sherlock, anybody who was watching the race saw that Massa had plenty of room and time to get back to the inside but when he realized that your McLaren was dead ahead of him he did what probably most NASCAR drivers would do when the encounter a championship competitor and that’s run right up their rear end.

Don’t bitch about how you were deliberately spun, it’s not like you’ve lost the championship over it (not yet anyway) you still have the points lead with 2 races to go and you can actually clinch the title if you finish on the podium and Massa doesn’t score any points in Shanghai.


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