Indycar Surfers Paradise semi liveblog


Yeah, yeah, I know; it’s not F1. And it’s also nine laps in. But here comes the Indycar Lexmark 300(or whatever it’s called now) from Surfers Paradise, Australia, courtesy of ESPN’s internet stream.

Great track, fast chicanes, many wrecks, good racing.

Will Power currently in the lead followed by Ryan Briscoe and (I think) Scott Dixon.


Briscoe got caught off guard by Power’s good jump on the green. Will’s already done gone and vanished.

Ryan Hunter-Reay in 4th.

Ryan’s quicker than Dixon. He should be able to get by at some point providing he can keep up the speed.

Helio is apparently out for unknown reasons–oops, Danica whacked him going into a corner. Nice racing. Not.

Danican’t’s wing is TOAST. Helio is getting tires.

Danica’s wing stuck on for a moment. Cue circus music for the pit guys.

She’s now running 22nd or something. Duh?

Mario Moraes being interviewed by Jan Beekhuis. Doesn’t know what happened. Car evidently must have just crashed itself. Even though the video feed shows him going wide in one of the chicanes.

Lap 13: EJ Viso in 7th. Pyrotechnics MAY result when(not if, when) he wrecks it, probably into about thirty other cars.

Commercial break.

Return. This track is AWESOME. Massive onboard with Briscoe. I really enjoy watching this–huge high-speed chicane action with concrete walls about two inches off each side. The cars look like they’re at Mach 1.

Servia past Vitor Meira.

Danica gets air. 22nd place. Out of 24. She has UBER SKILLZ DUDEZ!

Get off of the DaniCam PLEASE ESPN!

Lap 17: Marco Andretti in 10th? You’re kidding, right?

Briscoe catching Power. AND POWER HITS THE WALL!

Everybody goes past. OMG. Yet again Power is screwed at Surfers. Looks as though a wheel may have broken.

Evidently Power whacked the INSIDE wall and then whacked the same side when he couldn’t turn into the next corner. He isn’t even bothering to make it to the pits.

Briscoe is leading. And the crowd goes wild. Or not.

Commercial break. Looks like about lap 20.

Briscoe appears to be lapping Danica. Nope. Briscoe pits!

As does Ryan Hunter-Reay.

Good stop for Briscoe. Short stop. Ryan’s stuck behind Marco Andretti now. This cannot be good.

YELLOW FLAG. What happened?

Oh wow–three car crash. Graham Rahal, AJ Foyt IV, Ed Carpenter, and possibly other cars may be involved. Vitor Meira missed the crash by a hair’s width if not less. And apparently Danica’s stopped now. Much hand-waving occurs. It appears that she is WAY annoyed. Smacking the steering wheel. This is a future Youtube classic in the making! Now she’s stalled it. FANTASTIC.

Lap 23: Commercial break.

Return. Franchitti pits. To the back of the pack. Back with DANICA. Oh noez.

Lap 25: Back to green. Briscoe leading over Dixon and some orange car that I don’t recognize. It’s rumored it could be a Conquest car. Could even be Servia in the top three. Hell freezes over.

Running order: Briscoe, Dixon, Tagliani, Ryan, Kanaan, Viso(!), Junqueira, Servia, Wilson, Mutoh.

Briscoe “loves coming to Surfers.” FANTASTICALLY fascinating video of him talking about going to watch the race as a kid. I suddenly feel an urge to vomit.

Jan Beekhuis with Will Power. Will admits he screwed up. Five billion brownie points to him! Anyone who can admit their mistake in racing earns my instant admiration. No BS, just what happened.

Lap 28: Franchitti onboard. Sideways into T1 YOWZA.

Commercial break. Again.

Franchitti is TOAST! Spun and out. Turn 5. No idea which that is, could be anywhere depending on whether they count the chicanes as turns or not. Whacked a inner kerb marker and is OUT.

Lap 29: Commercial break. This is EXTREMELY tedious.

Franchitti somehow makes it into the pits. THREE WIDE out of the pits. Holy cow, no wrecks–That was scary.

He apparently is good to race–no big car damage. Hopefully we go back green soon, I’m getting bored of seeing Honda Civic keister.

Green green green!

Ryan Hunter-Reay AGAIN on somebody’s tail. He is brilliant on restarts from yellow. Has a look inside Tagliani into the back chicane. Doesn’t make it.

Reminder from the ESPN guys that Ryan won back in ’03 with CART.

Helio passes Wilson. CLOSE as all get out. Wilson in the pits. Or he just made the pitstop. Or who knows what.

Lap 33: Discussion of Helio’s legal problems. How exactly does that apply to the race? GET BACK TO THE CAR YOU IDIOTS!

Lap 34: Commercial break.

Return to discover that Tony Kanaan has buried it in the wall. Rear suspension is BUSTED.

Jan Beekhuis with Tony: Doesn’t know what happened. Suspension snapped on its own. Alrighty, I suppose he didn’t bury it in the wall. Discussion of next year. Apparently AGR is working hard on next year. Surprise? Not really.

EJ Viso and Servia are having an EPIC battle. Servia keeps getting alongside but can’t pull it off. Fantastic driving here. Viso in 5th, Servia 6th.

“ trivia question: How many drivers have won the Indy 500 and the Indycar championship in the same year?” Duh. Dan Wheldon, Sam Hornish, Dario, and…uhoh. Three only?

Commercial break. Will get answer when the guys return.

DIXON AND BRISCOE PIT. Briscoe gets back out in the lead.
Tagliani DOESN’T pit. That apparently is a big deal.

TAGLIANI AND HUNTER-REAY pit. Ryan apparently whacked Tagliani in the rear. GETS OUT AHEAD OF ALEX!

Oh my.

Ryan passes…either Franchitti or Dixon. I suspect it’s Franchitti. IT’S DIXON!

Oh wait. It’s Franchitti after all. Forget whatever I’m saying.

Trivia answer. SHOOT, Dixon this year. I forgot that. Ok, three out of four isn’t TOO bad?

Lap 44: Viso ordered to let Servia by. Don’t know why. 16 to go!

…And my stream goes to football and won’t go away. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

That’s evidently it for now!  I’ll update this with a replay when I can.

Goodbye from Surfers Paradise!


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