Constructors Standings


Alrighty–one race to go, two teams in for first in constructors and two possibilities for second.

Current constructors points:

1.  Ferrari.                156 points

2.  McLaren              145 points

3.  BMW                    135 points

4.  Renault                72  points

5.  Toyota                 52 points

6.  Toro Rosso          34 points

7.  Red Bull               29 points

8.  Williams              26 points

9.  Honda                 14 points

10.  Force India        0  points

How things stand:

Ferrari: Probably has the constructor’s title locked up tight.  With a eleven point disadvantage, McLaren needs to finish first and second (18 points) and Ferrari to finish with at most seven points, i.e. a single third place, a fourth and an eighth, or a fifth and a seventh.  Not too likely at the moment, given Heikki Kovalainen’s inability to put together a perfect race weekend and Ferrari’s two relatively quick drivers, along with their dominance at Brazil.

McLaren:  Previously mentioned small shot at first, but has a genuine possibility of losing their 2nd place to BMW.

BMW:  Guaranteed at least third place and therefore has everything to win, nothing to lose.  Can gain second place if they:

1.  Win and second place, McLaren gets seven points

2.  2nd and third place, McLaren scores three points

3.  Third and fourth places, McLaren scores none

Not too likely, but still possible.  I suspect they’ll get near McLaren, but given Heidfeld’s struggling as of late, I doubt they’ll gain ten points.

Renault:  Guaranteed fourth.  Toyota can get within two points of them(win+2nd), but even in a tie Renault would come out ahead by virtue of their two victories.

Toyota:  Fifth place, virtually guaranteed.  Toro Rosso needs to finish first and second while Toyota scores no points to tie for fifth(and win the place thanks to Vettel’s Monza victory).

Toro Rosso:  Six place, main Red Bull team only five points back.  If DC and Webber can pull off a good weekend, they could move up and displace the junior team, but the ever-improving Bourdais and the stunning Vettel should make that impossible.  Red Bull needs to gain six points to displace them(and they’ve never gone well at Interlagos in the past).

Red Bull:  Only three points ahead of the absolutely back-and-forth Williams team.  Has a genuine shot at sixth if they manage a good weekend for a change.

Williams:  Topsy turvy season.  Several podiums for Rosberg in strange races, so if the race turns out to be a crashfest, he’s definitely in line for some points.  Nakajima’s not really good, but typically holds the car on the road while everybody else buries their cars in the gravel.  A wet race would really suit Williams, therefore, but if it’s dry, even the three point gap to Red Bull is most likely unobtainable.

Honda:  14 points.  Barring a 1-2 finish for them, they’ll be ninth, though still with many more points than 2007.  Even though the car is, on average, even slower.

Force India:  Same as Honda.  Pretty much locked into 10th, though Mike Gascoyne’s engineering focus and inherent suspension work may aid them on the relatively high downforce Interlagos track as it did at Monaco.  Remember, they won with Fisichella(as Jordan) back in ’03 at the Brazilian GP!


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