Interlagos Qualifying Not-so-liveblog


Pre-qualifying notes: Rain is expected to be in the forecast for the remainder of the weekend. Something that title hopeful and hometown hero Felipe Maassa doesn’t need is a wet race or qualifying session. If anything good has happened to him so far, the crowd is on Massa’s side and the McLaren’s didn’t show very much pace in the Friday practice sessions.

With that, qualifying, live from Interlagos begins!


20:00 – SPEED’s introduction of thier coverage shows a little review of all the previous qualifying sessions.

20:00 – Live images, no signs of rain, good for Massa

20:00 – The Brazilians definately are showing support for Ferrari and Felipe Massa, I’ve just seen probably the biggest Ferrari flag in the world.

20:00 – Peter Windsor interviews various race engineers and strategists on possible strategies that Hamilton and Massa may run in the Grand Prix, he also gets the opinions of David Coulthard and Nico Rosberg

20:00 – Q1 is now green! For those that read my Monza live-blog know that I’m forced to use the timer on my mobile phone to get the time for qualifying somewhat close, curse my television!

18:35 – Piquet is first out on track, and is looking to become only the 2nd driver in F1 history to be outqualified by his teammate in every race, the commentators mentioned the 1st, but it slipped my mind.

17:15 – On board with the other hometown favorite, Rubinho possibly driving his final Formula 1 Grand Prix.

15:29 – Yay commercials!

10:30 – Back to live images!

10:07 – Matchett says the hairs on the back of his neck (and I imagine tha hairs of his beard) stand up during each and every qualifying session.

9:21 – Kovalainen goes to P2, meh.

8:33 – Hamster to P1.

8:07 – Raikkonen now on track, moves to P4

6:27 – Bourdais moves to lucky 13th while Vettel out shines him yet again by moving into 5th.

5:45 – On board with one of  the quickest drivers so far this weekend, Fernando Alonso.

5:00 – Timo Glock goes through the spin cycle.

4:30 – Another commercial break, this time because of SPEED’s feed f-ing up.

3:30 – Back to live, albeit crappy picture.

2:50 – Massa to P1, Brazil has gone nucking futs! I can’t imagine what will happen if he wins the whole thing!

2:00 – The backmarkers are starting to scramble out on track to advance out of Q1.

:30 – Kubica to P7, Glock moves to 4th.

:10 – Sutil moves up one whopping position to 19th!

:00 – Checkers are out!

Drivers eliminated after Q1:


Button – Ross Braun let the team let him run out of fuel!



Sutil – Wasn’t he just 19th?

Q2 is next!


15:00 – Track is green

14:17 – Glock is first out on track, God those finned engine covers are ugly! And not because it’s Toyota’s either.

12:17 – Trulli and Raikkonen join Glock on track.

11:45 – Massa out on track, this time Brazil keeps their composure.

10:26 – Raikkonen up to P1 with a lap of 1:11.9

9:45 – Massa moves to P1 with a lap of 1:11.8

9:25 – Hamilton to the top by 19 thousands, probably trimmed out on front wing for more speed.

8:09 – Alonso to 4th.

7:57 – Kova to 4th, meh.

7:43 – Vettel on track, moves into P5.

6:30 – Glock is quickest in sector 2 and moves to 3rd.

5:50 – Top 8 drivers are sepereated by a mere quarter-second.

5:13 – Kubica locks up, he’s struggling to control the car, moves to P11, but is still in the relegation zone.

4:12 – Kovalainen fastest in sectors 1 and 2, moves into the provisional pole with a time of 1:11.768

2:25 – Shot of DC’s “farewell” whit paint scheme supporting the Wings for Life foundation.

1:05 – SPEED’s world feed f-s up again.

:26 – Kubica is still in the relegation zone.

:00 – Checkers are out!

:00 – Vettel to P2, he bumps Rubinho out!

:00 – Bourdais to 8th, Kubica is out.

Drivers eliminated after Q2:






Q3 is next!


10:00 – Green

8:55 – Glock is first out again.

8:25 – is your home for all David Hobbs-isms.

7:55 – Be careful what you wish for Rob Kubica, you shouldn’t say you don’t want to be near Hamilton because you might end up nowhere near Hamilton.

6:10 – Vettel moves to P1 by 1.2 seconds. That is not a typo.

5:36 – Massa out on track, fastest in sectors 1 and 2, goes to P1.

4:17 – Hamilton moves to 3rd, off by .7 seconds.

3:55 – Kimster to P2.

3:42 – Trulli to P2.

3:35 – Kova to P4.

3:10 – Replay of Hamilton getting loooooooooose!

2:45 – Tire changes, Massa is first out of the pits, the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiillllllddddd!!!

1:15 – Massa has enogh time for 2 more hot laps if he needs them.

:50 – Massa off slightly in sector 1 and 2

:07 – Massa to P1 and has another lap if he needs it.

:00 – Checkers are out, Hamilton will not get pole, he is 2nd.

:00 – Raikkonen bumps Hamilton to 3rd.

:00 – Alonso to P5.

:00 – Trulli bumps Raikkonen to 3rd and Hamilton to 4th.

:00 – Kovalainen is 5th.

The big story though, Felipe Massa is on pole of his home grand prix in Brazil and has a realistic shot of winning the race and world championship, full qualifying results below.

Row 1 – Massa and Trulli

Row 2 – Raikkonen and Hamilton

Row 3 – Kovalainen and Alonso

Row 4 – Vettel and Heidfeld

Row 5 – Bourdais and Glock

Row 6 – Piquet and Webber

Row 7 – Kubica and Coulthard

Row 8 – Barrichello and Nakajima

Row 9 – Button and Rosberg

Row 10 – Fisichella and Sutil


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