Brazilian GP Liveblog



Brazilian Grand Prix 2008. Massa and Hamilton both have a shot at the championship. What will happen?!

We’re riding along with the billions and BILLIONS of ITV commentators, none of which apparently has a name other than Martin Brundle. It’s about 15 minutes til the race.

Rain race! Massa is going to be TOAST. Trulli in 2nd has to be lightly fueled, and in the rain, that means he’s toast. Look for him to go absolutely nowhere.

Cars about to start the parade lap. RAIN IS BEGINNING. Awesome.

Start is postponed ten minutes to switch to wet tires.

Rain shower has ended. Track is drying. This weather is absolutely weird.

Renault says no rain for at least thirty to forty minutes. This could be insane–Massa goes off into the distance and then potentially gets eaten by the rest of the grid when the rain starts.

Again, Sony’s use of Def Leppard’s Rocket confuses me in its randomness.

About to start parade lap–finally!

Coulthard in 14th for his final race. That’s not exactly good.

Parade lap starts!

Trulli apparently did not have his rain light on at some point. Whether this actually MEANS anything I do not know.

Pulling to the grid!

Kubica starting in the pits.

Crazy start. Kovalainen down to 8th or so, Hamilton 4th, Vettel 5th, Alonso 6th..

Massa 1st, looks like Trulli 2nd and Raikkonen 3rd. Might be wrong.

DC and Piquet wreck. Safety car!

DC out of the car and looking highly annoyed.

Commercial break.

And return from commercial!

Still under safety car.

Safety car in end of the lap. It appears that Rosberg wrecked into Coulthard, who hit Nakajima and Piquet in mid-spin.


Current order: Massa, Trulli, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Kovalainen.

Massa vanishing rapidly. Bourdais in 10th or something and trying to get past Glock. Bourdais gets past Glock for 8th. Barrichello is ELEVENTH from 16th. Not bad.

Louise Goodman with DC:

Qualifying away from Rosberg would have helped(Good for ya, DC!), Rosberg just hit me out of the blue. Race over. Pretty sad.

Stream keeps joining/rejoining. Not much happening other than that Hamilton is now fifth, where he needs to be, and Fisichella is SEVENTH after Hamilton and Glock passed him. Trulli just pushed Bourdais off the track, and Seabass promptly flips him off. YEAH!

Stream keeps dying.  I’m going to let Miguel do his blog; he’s more entertaining than I am.  So long from Brazil!


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