Renault believe Webber is their main rival for next year


Conspiracy theorists around the world are going absolutely bonkers over rumors that Renault, Red Bull’s own engine supplier, conspired to knock Mark Webber out of the running for the 2009 championship early.

These rumors were spawned by the fact that Webber was hit by a Nissan X-Trail SUV this week in Tasmania while on his charity bicycle race.  Nissan, as not many Americans know, is partially owned by Renault.  Therefore, it is eminently logical that Renault paid Nissan to remove Webber from the running for 2009.

“Of course, it’s logical,” said an unnamed Renault source.  “We passed on Mark a few years back, and now that the caliber of his talent is obvious, we need to remove him from contention so that Alonso can win and not get annoyed and throw another two-year-old-esque hissy fit like he did back in 2007.”

The truthfulness of the content of this article is by no means certain.


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