Two words you never hear together


Formula 1 and cheap. With the recent global economic downturn, the Honda team ceasing operations and putting themselves up for sale has forced the FIA to introduce cost cutting measures. These measures are effective January 1, 2009 and are listed below.

  • Engine life must be doubled (meaning instead of lasting 2 races, they must last 4, but for whatever reason teams can run 3 races)
  • Teams are limited to 8 race engines per driver and 4 test engines per driver (20 total)
  • Rev limit lowered to 18,000 RPM
  • Teams who purchase engines from manufactures will be discounted 50% from last year
  • No more testing during racing season, except on race practice days
  • No windtunnel testing beyond a 60% scale and a speed greater than 50 metres/second
  • Race factories to be closed 6 weeks out of the year to be inline with local laws
  • Less man power on race weekends, information between teammates must be shared (i.e. tyre pressures, fuel mileage) to avoid the usage of spotters

These measures are expected to save teams at least 30% from what they’ve spent in the past.


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