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February 27, 2009

Honda fans may need some heavy duty paper towels after hearing this news, according to Speed’s Adam Cooper, Nick Fry, Nigel Kerr Ross Brawn and 2 other directors of the Honda F1 team have agreed to a buyout of the Honda team, the team will be named Brawn sport.

A car has already been built, as it was to be released as the Honda RA109 before the team shut down, the car should be ready for the final preseason test at Barcelona after shake downs at the team base in Brackely, England.

There’s yet to be a definitive word on drivers, but Bruno Senna & Rubens Barrichello are favored to pilot the two cars.

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Honda – a place for Virgin?

February 19, 2009

Before you get any wrong ideas about the usage of the word Virgin, I’m referring to Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Group (that has entities in music, telecommunications among other things).

Anyway, the currently bankrupt Honda team has confirmed that Branson is one of many possible buyers of the team, and Branson already has the blessing of Nick Fry & Ross Brawn to purchase the team. But if a deal is to be made, it must be approved by Honda’s board-of-directors in Tokyo, according to a Honda spokeslady. If the deal is approved by the Board of Directors, before the opening race weekend in Melbourne,  Jenson Button and Bruno Senna (Ayrton’s nephew) will race for the team.

Senna was interviewed by Italian magazine Autosprint and said “It’s always better to be in F1, even under difficult conditions, than to be out of it,” in regards to the non-existance of winter testing by the Honda team.

Red Bull RB5

February 9, 2009

Red Bull officially unveiled the car with which they will contest the 2009 world championship on Monday morning. The wraps came off the RB5 at the Jerez circuit in Spain, with drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel in attendance.

The team are confident the Renault-powered machine, again designed by Adrian Newey, will allow them to improve on their seventh place in the 2008 standings and perhaps even bring them their maiden win.

The RB5’s design encompasses the wide-ranging regulation changes that have been brought in to cut costs and boost overtaking for the 2009 season, and Newey admitted it has been quite a challenge.

“2009 arguably sees the biggest rule change since flat bottoms were introduced in 1983, a very major change,” he said. “We have taken a clean sheet, blue-sky approach, looking at the implications of these rules and how to interpret them, while not changing things simply for the sake of it. Apart from the gearbox internals, there is hardly any carry-over from RB4.”

A quick glance at the new Red Bull’s nose immediately marks it out from its rivals, with a higher and narrower nosecone than that seen on other teams’ cars to date. The RB5 also features what should be a more powerful engine, after Renault were allowed to make modifications to their V8 over the winter in order to help equalise outputs.

Vettel is due to give the car its maiden run on Monday, while Webber will be behind the wheel on Wednesday for his first test since breaking his leg in a cycling accident late last year.

Niki Lauda, you’re my hero

February 3, 2009

Niki Lauda has come up with a new, and seriously amusing, metaphor for the new car designs.

Tractors, or to be more precise, combine harvesters.

I’d write a longer post, but is there really anything else to be said?