Ronspeak Translation of the week


Ron’s made some pretty interesting comments on McLaren’s testing pace.  I figured I’d translate it into English for you.

“It is certainly not as fast as we would like it to be, but it’s early days and we’ve still got quite a bit of testing to do and quite a bit of development to reflect through into our pace.”

Translation:  It’s slow, we don’t know why, and we’re going to need all the testing we can get to figure out why, much less actually fix the problem.

“At this time of the year all our testing is centred around optimising the car for the race. But the inevitable publicity that surrounds test performance sees some of the less experienced teams or some of the teams that are seeking money actually running their cars with the objective of doing one fast lap.  Of course, one fast lap is very important when it comes to qualifying but it is relatively unimportant when it comes to the race. And the disciplined teams are working hard on a sustainable pace.”

Translation:  Brawn cannot, POSSIBLY be that quick.  They’re quicker than my superteam.  We’re just saying we’re working with race fuel in an attempt to make ourselves look good.

“The performance of McLaren and its competitors isn’t really going to be known until probably two or three races into the season, even Australia isn’t going to be a strong indicator because of course everybody has got gremlins in their car.

“So really it is three or four races before you can really determine who is competitive and who is going to be fighting for the world championship.”

Translation:  We’re screwed.

“We had a strategy for this year to leave it to the last possible moment to produce our aerodynamic

package for the Australian Grand Prix. “That in itself gave us some production challenges and we have really only started to run the car in the last day with the Australian aero package. “We ran the 2008 rear wing because it was more relevant in its performance to the wing that we are going to have in Australia. It doesn’t mean you are lost or that you don’t know what you are doing.”

Translation:  We ARE lost but we don’t want our sponsors to know that.  We waited til the last minute because we wasted too much time and money getting a championship for Lewis and our performance this year will suffer.  Our new style rear wing doesn’t have enough downforce, so we used the old one until we had no choice.  We’re basically screwed.

McLaren probably IS screwed–now we just have to wait and see…


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