Victory Medallions


After many rumors about adopting a medal system similar to the olympics or modifying the points to better reward drivers who win races, the FOM and WMSC have agreed that future F1 champions will be the driver who wins the most races, starting this season.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The driver who wins the most races will win the world champioship, even if they have less points than another driver
  • The current points system (10, 8, 6 etc.) will still be in effect and will decide the other points positions
  • If two drivers win the same number of races that is more than anyone else, the total points that they have accumulated will be the first tiebreaker
  • The constructors championship will not be affected

3 Responses to “Victory Medallions”

  1. The Speedgeek Says:

    This is a terrible idea. I did some analysis this morning after the announcement and found this: 2008 was the first year since 1989 that the championship winner wasn’t at least tied for most wins. So, we’ve got to completely re-vamp the championship system in order to avoid something that happened for the first time in almost 20 years? Wouldn’t a better course of action simply be to reward the winner slightly more, i.e. the FOTA proposal? I mean, if somebody rips off a string of wins in the first half of the season, under the new system the championship could be over in August…

  2. I can’t go for that (not this year) « Cutting Through the Ronspeak Says:

    […] earlier this week that there was an announcement that there was a new rule that future F1 champions would be the driver who won the most races, well […]

  3. Robbie Says:

    @ Speedgeek: It’s my thought that it’s not needed because it was the first time–it was because Ferrari didn’t win. Ferrari usually wins a lot of races–though this year that may not be the case!

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