Over, already? Nonsense…


After the worst first 3 races for Ferrari since the early 80s where both drivers have failed to score a championship point, Kimi Raikkonen believes that the Tifosi’s bid to win the championship is already over. The iceman was quoted this week at Shanghai saying that Ferrari are “never going to be in a position to win the championship (this year) but hopefully we can improve the car and try to win some races later on this season, that’s the realistic aim.”

Well I will admit that it’s been a rough start for the red cars, many of the teams who were thought to be contenders like McLaren and BMW have been struggling mightily as well. Until today, Heikki Kovalainen failed to complete 1-race lap, the Saubers of Kubica and Heidfeld have lost their way since Australia and Lewis Hamilton has found himself in uncharacteristic positions. All those teams have combined to score 12 points, which is nearly less than half of what Jenson Button has scored driving impressivley in the Brawn GP car.

So before Kimi can come out complaining that his season is over, he should look at the big picture, realizing that he’s a capable enough driver with a team who has won numerous championships. They’re just in a rough spot at the moment which everyone encounters at least once in their lives, it’s simply a matter or perserverance.


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