Rant on the FOTA breakaway


This is my rant and honest opinion on the FOTA teams forming a breakaway series in 2010, I’m keeping this short, and to the point.

Do any of you kids old folks readers remember back in the early 90s where CART was the big thing in US motorsports, not NASCAR? Well if you do, then you may be thinking that the FOTA breakaway sounds alot like the CART/IRL split, only backwards. The FOTA breaks away because they want to spend more money than what the new FIA regs would allow, whereas the CART/IRL split which was based on Tony George wanting to build open wheel cars with production based engines cheaper than it would to run a CART team.

Then, of course there was all sorts of drama, CART running the US 500 the same weekend as the Indy 500, teams leaving CART to go to the IRL, 2 rounds of bankruptcy, losing the majority of the fan base, etc., etc.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m fearing that this split may send F1 into a downward spiral if the FOTA series takes all the big name teams, drivers, sponsors where it will leave them no choice but to join the FOTA series while most of the fans have taken their motorsport interest elsewhere.

Just my 2 cents.


One Response to “Rant on the FOTA breakaway”

  1. Sean Says:

    Nah. This reminds me more of the USAC/CART split in ’79 than the CART/IRL split in ’96. The teams decided to take control of the sport themselves when CART was founded to break away from incompetent leaders, as FOTA is doing here. CART succeeded and USAC became irrelevant. There are already rumors that individual circuits will follow FOTA and drop FIA. My guess is if this split happens and there isn’t an accord later in the season which I still could see then FOTA will pretty much get equivalent attention to F1, and nobody will take the new F1 seriously with only two of this year’s teams in it.

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