Massa announces loss of mind


Felipe Massa’s at it again.  Ferrari’s clear Number Two just turns out to be full of Number Two, as evidenced here thanks to ESPN.

I for one approve of this: it means that Massa will continue at Ferrari in the grand Rubens Barrichello tradition before signing for a midpack team, such as the future Caterham.  At least, until they realize that, when they need drivers that can actually win races to acquire sponsorship cash, Massa, while previously fast, isn’t who he was before his 2009 Hungarian accident.  And in the process, he can make statements as Rubinho has, stating his frustration towards his team and their inability to provide a car that, like the 1997 Williams (driven by Villeneuve), a monkey can win races in.

To close, with a quote from Galaxy Quest:

“Never give up.  Never surrender.”


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