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Monaco Quali Liveblog

May 23, 2009

Well, considering that I managed to find a decent stream right as Hamilton smashed the car in Q1, here goes….qualifying from the most fantastic track on the calendar.

Current last five:  Buemi, Kubica, Fisichella, Bourdais, and Heidfeld.

BMW’s been slow all weekend.  Kubica cannot be happy.

Riding with the BBC as the quali session resumes after a red flag for Hamilton.

Massa first out–he nearly spun the car on his first outlap and destroyed the nose.  Ferrari replaced it, gave him some mind management in the pits(!) and sent him back out.

Kimi completes his next flier, but he’s 1.6 seconds off the pace.

Massa on a decent flier after two warmup laps.  Half a second off in the second sector.

Only to 9th.

Kimi puts in a much better lap which moves him to SECOND.  Massa is as usual getting murdered in Monaco quali.

Vettel to P4.  Top ten:  Barrichello, Raikkonen, Button, Vettel, Nakajima, Sutil, Hamilton, Kovalainen, Rosberg.

Massa to P4.

2:00 to go.

Kubica starting a flier.

Button goes half a second quicker than anybody–giant shot of Richard Branson’s beard.  My viewing is enhanced.  NOT!

Kubica goes P13.  Will it be enough?

Webber to 5th.  Piquet to 10th.  Hamilton 13th now.

Alonso to P8.

Vettel abandons his second to last lap due to a…yellow flag?

Heidfeld is 18th and basically screwed.

Checkered flag!

Massa to P2.

Kubica to P17, toast.

Rosberg QUICKEST?  Impossible.

Buemi in the end was EIGHTH.  Fantastic performance by the rookie.

Both Force Indias through to Q2!

Heidfeld, Kubica, Trulli, Bourdais, Glock, the final five.  Toyota’s toast.  Simply toast; even behind BMW.

Replay of Glock going in circles in the Swimming Pool chicane.

Time for a five minute break before Q2.

Eddie Jordan:  “Toyota is slow in slow speed corners.”  Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Q2 begins.  Fifteen minute session.

Nakajima is out first.

Raikkonen to P1 – 1:15.332.

Webber 0.020 off in the first sector.

Vettel to P1. 1:15.217.

Nakajima to P4.  Webber to P7.

Rosberg to….P1!  1:14.846.  Four tenths up.

Vettel does a 1:14.926.

Barrichello first–Webber first….Massa only to P5.

Kovalainen to P1!

Quicker times almost every lap.

Piquet spins into the final corner and BARELY doesn’t whack off the wall.

Alonso to P8.  Quickest in the final practice but can’t get it done so far in Q2.

6:15 to go.

Fisichella gets DQ’d for cutting the swimming pool chicane.

Final five:  Piquet, Buemi, Sutil, Bourdais, Fisichella.  Eh?  Apparently Bourdais didn’t get kicked out in Q1 like I was shown.

Updated Q1 dropout:  Hamilton, Kubica, Heidfeld, Trulli, Glock.

Fisichella on track–apparently with two of his times from Q1 gone he still was quick enough to participate in Q2.

Still only to P15.

Button is slow apparently–no idea why.

Sutil looking good–goes to P13.  Can he make it to Q3 on a last ditch flier?

Massa begins his final lap.

Buemi to P11–one more lap.

Raikkonen to P1 by 3 tenths.

Barrichello to P4.

Button is seriously slow–what’s wrong?

Alonso to P9–Button is only EIGHTH?  Three seconds off in the second sector.

11th through 15th:  Buemi, Piquet, Fisichella, Bourdais, Sutil.

Nakajima makes it to Q3 for the first time in 2009.

Five minute break before the ten minute shootout!

Massive interview with Hamilton.

Apologizing to the team–he looks about as dejected as is humanly possible.  Forces a smile.

Q3 in a moment after a completely pointless interview with Eddie Jordan.

And Q3 has begun.

Vettel out first.  BBC suspects Kimi will be on pole.

Kovalainen looking good.

Only Webber and Nakajima are still in the pits.

Vettel does a 1:16.206.

Button to P2-1:16.3.

Barrichello to P4 behind Raikkonen.

Button a tenth quicker in the first sector of his second lap.

Rosberg to P1 by 0.604!  Light fuel surely.

Button 0.052 down in sector 2 relative to Rosberg.

Vettel to P1!

Button to P3.  “Not enough”

Barrichello to P2 by only 0.075.

Kovalainen to P6.  Not too bad compared to Barcelona.

Webber finally out while Vettel comes in for tyres before a final run.

Rosberg in too.

4:00 to go.

Nakajima is “ninth but out of the top ten.”  Martin Brundle emulating Murray Walker?

Kimi is relatively slow–only to P7.  Webber to 9th but apparently on a better lap now.

Kimi 0.3 off after S2.  He goes to P2!  Not too bad, 0.027 off.

Rosberg out for a final “do or die” lap with a minute to go.

Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Barrichello, Button, Webber, Massa, Kovalainen, Alonso, Nakajima.

Massa to 3rd.  Alonso to P9 still.

Raikkonen is 0.1 quicker.  Button is 0.28 quicker in S1!

Kimi goes P1, 1:14.9.

Button to P1 with a 1:14.9!

Barrichello to P3 only.

Vettel coming around….P4.  Kovalainen to 7th.

Massa parks it.

Alonso to P9.  Webber to P8.

Another Button pole.  MSC, v2.0.

That lap was FANTASTICALLY quick from Jense–brilliant.  Nick Fry claps Richard Branson on the back.

Button, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Vettel, Massa, Rosberg, Kovalainen, Webber, Alonso, Nakajima are the top ten.

Kimi in the top three–the press conferences are starting to cry already.

This has been Monaco qualifying with CTTR–goodbye and we will see you for the race!


Australian Grand Prix Qualifying Liveblog

March 27, 2009

Greetings!  In about 45 minutes’ time, I’m going to start liveblogging the FIRST qualifying session of the 2009 Formula One season.  This is also CTTR’s ONE HUNDREDTH post–I’ll make it good!

A few points from the practice sessions:

  • Lewis is nowhere; Heikki, with the experience from Renault in 2007, is doing rather well in a dog of a car.
  • Red Bull: Webber’s quick; Vettel’s quicker but goes off track rather frequently.
  • Ferrari.  Not many laps in FP3, but Kimi can always be counted on for some excitement.
  • Force India may be looking at a point this weekend–kudos to them for turning out a great car on a miniscule budget.
  • Brawn, Toyota, Williams are all mega-quick.
  • Renault are in for a serious keister kicking.
  • Toro Rosso is nowhere.  Not even a whisper of potential results.
  • And finally……
  • Rosberg has topped all three practices but will lose.  Why?  Because I say so.

I will see you in forty minutes for the race!

Alrighty–it’s three minutes til the start of the session.

Hamilton’s getting in–BBC guys don’t think he’s going to do very well.  Duh.

Q1 starts!

18:40 to go:  Fisichella out.  Rosberg out.  Buemi out.

BBC guys wax lyrical over Rosberg.  Seriously, guys?  Rosberg?!?!

Big deal over Mercedes engines in the Force India.

Fisi sets the first time–1:28.8.

15:43 to go: Rosberg sets a 1:27.8.  Quick.

Massa goes second.  Sutil goes QUICKER than Massa.

Gratuitous shot of Vitantonio Liuzzi looking ticked off.

14:10:  Rosberg has a “moment”.  Goes .75 seconds quicker.

Buemi goes to P2.

Nakajima: 1:26.7!

Quote from a chatroom: “NIPPON BANZAI”

Raikkonen to third after losing the 3rd practice and his qualifying simulation–well done Kimi!

12:00:  Kimi goes P1!  1:26.615!

Barrichello to P4.

Webber to P3 with a 1:26.7.

Alonso to P1–1:26.47.  Where did THAT come from?!?!?!

Massa all over–off the track and more.

Barrichello to P1–1:26.2.  Looking VERY smooth and fast.

9:30 to go.

Hamilton to P2–1:26.454!  Woooooow.

Button to P2–1:26.5.

Barrichello QUICKER–1:25.8.  Amazing.

Rosberg to P2.  Glock out and looking good.

7:40 to go.

Bourdais to P12–nice lap.

Massa is 17th, nowhere.

Heidfeld does a 1:26.7–good for 11th.

Piquet is 19th and absolutely screwed.

Quote from chat:  “Piquet needs to go to the toilet and remove the **** from the car”

Kubica 6th.  Massa on a hot lap with 4:20 to go.

Massa 2nd, 1:25.84.

Kimi going fast–two tenths quicker than Button at S2.

Kimi to P4 with a grass-mowing lap.

Trulli has a car problem and is stuck in last–can’t get out.  Huge blow considering they’ve been quick all weekend.

Local boy Webber is looking good for the top three, maybe even P1 with 1:30 to go.

P1–1:25.4!  Brilliant lap by Webber.  Hamilton to 10th.

Vettel to 6th.  Trulli is OUT.  Quali master at work.

Clock ends.

Buemi to 15th.  Kovalainen to 8th!

Fisi to 18th.

Alonso is 15th–he comes across the line….and sets a time good enough for NINTH.  Good job.

Kubica to 8th.

Buemi, Piquet, Fisi, Sutil, Bourdais are out.

Button to P1, 1:25.2, Barrichello to P1 with a 1:25.0!

P16: Buemi

P17: Piquet

P18: Fisichella

P19:  Sutil

P20:  Bourdais

Q2 will resume in five minutes.

Q2 is go!  Fifteen minute session to follow.

Kimi is first out with 13:50 to go.

Kimi begins his lap.

12:15 to go.

Kimi’s using a LOT of KERS–I really like the new graphic.

Some sort of news about Lewis according to the BBC guys.

Kimi goes 1st, 1:23.3.

10:45 to go.


Holy cow, this is unexpected–some sort of drivetrain issue.  Driveshaft, perhaps?

Glock to P1, 1:25.281.

9:20 to go.

Button to P1, 1:25.205.

8:55 to go.

Webber to P2 with a 1:25.241.

Vettel to P1!  1:25.121.

Rosberg to P2–1:25.123.

0.002 time difference–this is intense!

6:20 to go.

Heidfeld–P11.  Not good enough, dude!

Kubica to P3.  Excellent lap.

3:40 to go.

Kovalainen to P14.  Out for another lap–he’s gotta make this one count.

Button and Barrichello out for another hotlap each.

Massa is 8th and pushing hard.

Massa stays 8th.

Barrichello to P1, Button to P2.

Both in the 1:24s!!!!!!!

Heidfeld to tenth, Nakajima on a last ditch attempt.

He goes to 12th.  Not enough.

Trulli to 7th!

So, out:

11th:  Heidfeld

12th: Alonso

13th: Nakajima

14th: Kovalainen

15th:  Hamilton

And Q3 will return in another five minutes!  As the BBC feed completely dies and returns.

Q3 begins.

9:30 to go and nobody’s out.

Kimi is out, as is one of the Brawn cars.

Vettel being told that the Red Bull is understeery on heavy fuel.

Button on soft tires.  Smooth, seriously smooth.  We’ll have to see which Brawn is quicker.

7:20 to go.

6:40 to go–Button sets a 1:26.600.

Barrichello goes P2 with a 1:27.161.

Rosberg, 1:28.1.

Raikkonen to P4, behind all the other cars.

Trulli to P4, 1:28.464.

Massa 6th with a 1:29.

5:00 to go.

Kubica to P4. 1:27.9.

Webber to P3.

Vettel to P4.

Trulli stays 8th.

Kimi 9th, Massa 10th.

3:50 to go; Button and Barrichello in the garage.

EVERYBODY in the pits–one lap’s worth of time and we’ll know who’s on pole.

Webber and Vettel stack in the pits.  Traffic jam.

Button out.  Massa in; he was complaining of a puncture, but the team says the tires are fine.  Whiner.

Barrichello looking good for perhaps a pole.

.5 quickest in the first sector.

Good job in S2.

And comes across the line in….1:26.505.  Pole at the moment.

Glock comes across and….P3.  And immediately to P5.

Webber to 6th.  Button comes across…and….1:26.292!  POLE!

Vettel comes across in….1:26.83.  3rd.

Massa to P7.

Onboard with Button:  “YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Careful Jense, don’t explode….that’d be messy inside the helmet…


P1. Button

P2. Barrichello

P3. Vettel

P4. Kubica

P5. Rosberg

P6. Glock

P7. Massa

P8. Trulli

P9. Raikkonen

P10. Webber(!)

So Brawn 1-2.  History in the making.  I’m going to head for bed(it’s 2:03 AM here) and will see you tomorrow for the race!

Brazilian GP Liveblog take 2 (but it really isn’t live)

November 2, 2008

After Robbie’s woes with his web streams, it was up to me to do a liveblog for today’s Brazilian GP, now, by the time you read this post, you’ll probably already know who won and who won the championship, but I won’t ruin it for those that didn’t catch it. With that, SPEED’s pre-race show begins!

Pre-Race Notes:

  • Damon Hill was the last British driver to win the world drivers championship in 1996, Ayrton Senna was the last Brazilian to win the WDC in 1991. Today, British driver Lewis Hamilton has a 7 point lead over Brazilian Felipe Massa, both have a chance to win the championship here today in Interlagos.
  • The odds obviously favor Hamilton, but after qualifying on the pole, Felipe Massa looks to have the edge and the hometown crowd is also on his side.
  • Hamilton also needs to take it easy, the engine in his McLaren MP4-23 is on its 2nd race and he can’t afford having a failure, that will certainly cost him the championship, all he needs to do is keep his nose clean and run fast enough to finish 5th or better.

With all that said, the cars are lined up on the grid and ready for the formation lap.

Formation Lap: Delayed by 10 minutes as it suddenly started to rain on the grid, Massa’s heart rate is going up.

Formation Lap Take 2: Track is wet on the front straight and in turns 1 through 4 but it’s wet enough for everyone to be on inters. Kubica looks to be the only one still on drys and will start from the pits.

Start: Lights on, Lights Out! Clean start, nobody stalls but it gets a little hairy in turn 1 with everyone sliding around!

1: DC collides with the Williams of Kaz Nakajima, replay shows that Nico Rosberg, in the other Williams shunted DC around. What a terrible end to a career for Coulthard! Piquet somehow gets wrecked, safety car is deployed!

2: Pits are opened, no takers.

3: Commercials…

3: Back to live images, SC is still out, Fisichella is in the pits, looks to be on dry tires.

3: Radio transmission between Fernando Alonso and Pat Symonds, Alonso says track is dry everywhere but turns 2 and 3.

4: Safety Car in this lap.

5: Restart is clean, Kovalainen passes Alonso for 6th, but Fernando fights back and retakes it!

6: On board with Kovalainen as he battles Alonso.

7: Massa still leads, stretched it out to 1.9 seconds.

8: Raikkonen trying to get around Trulli. Rosberg pits in for hard compound dry tires.

9: Timo Glock, Kazoo, Jenson Button, Rosberg and Fisichella are on drys.

10: Vettel, Alonso and Webber pit for drys.

10: Fisi, in the atrociously slow Force India goes purple (fastest of all) in sector 2.

10: Rubinho also pits for drys, but something goes wrong and there’s foam eveywhere, not sure if it was a fuel fire or what.

11: Massa pits for drys, McLaren follows suit by bringing in Heikki, but  the mechanics weren’t quite ready and the stop was long for him.

12: Trulli, Raikkonen, and Lewis in for dry tires, Hamilton really didn’t need Trulli to cut him off on pit exit.

12: Hamilton shown P7, not good enough to win the WDC with Massa leading.

12: Replay of Massa sliding, Nakajima spins out and somehow keeps it off the walls.

13: Trulli somehow saved the car from spinning out completely and taking out his teammate.

14: Fisichella is shown 4th, is the apocolaypse coming?

14: More commercials.

16: Back to live coverage, No changes in position.

16: Hamilton moves up to P6, still not good enough with Massa leading (Massa, if he wins would have the first tie-breaker of most race victories)

17: Hamilton has closed on Fisichella, but Lewis is being held up.

18: Hamilton gets around Fisi for 5th, Hamilton would win the title if the race ended(98 to 97).

19: According to Vettel’s engineer, no more rain is expected.

20: Massa still leads.

21: Trulli forces SeaBass all the way to the grass (hey, that rhymed!)

22: Vettel (P2) is closing in on Massa, more commercials.

24: Vettel is still closing on Massa.

25: Massa resets fastest race lap.

26: No changes.

27: Trulli and Kovalainen are struggling to get around Giancarlo Fisichella in the Force India Ferrari.

28: Kovalainen gets around Trulli, Vettel in the pits, he’s assumed to be on a 3-stopper.

29: Kovalainen gets around Fisi.

30: Top-5 areMassa, Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Glock.

30: Commercials, you would think that a race as big as this wouldn’t be filled with random ads.

31: Raikkonen is closing in on Alonso for 2nd.

32: Hamilton sets fastest lap at 1:14.1

33: Glock resets fastest lap at 1:14.0

33: McLaren reportedly spent $7.5 million between Shanghai and Brazil trying to find .05 seconds to beat Ferrari. And who said that the $100 million fine would affect them?

34: Massa resets fastest lap at 1:13.7

35: Commericial break right before another set of stops.

38: Back to live shots, Hamilton is up to P4, would clinch the WDC if the race ended.

38: Glock pits, as does Massa, no more stops expected for either of them.

39: Bourdias and Fisichella in.

40: Alonso is the race leader by 11 seconds.

40: McLaren mechanics setting up for a pitstop, Alonso in for his final stop.

40: Hamilton in for tires and fuel, no more stops for him, he rejoins in 6th.

41: Shot of Hamilton’s HOT girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, he is one lucky man.

42: Raikkonen leads.

43: Massa 2nd, Kovalainen in for his 2nd stop.

43: Kimster in for final pitstop.

44: Nothing to report.

45: Hamilton is 5th, still has the point lead.

46: Lewis is showing patience.

47: Commercials, meh.

48: Live shots, Vettel is 2nd, another brilliant drive in the wet.

50: Shots of Kubica getting lapped.

51: Vettel is closing in on Massa, but Vettel is expected to pit again.

52: Vettel in the pits, rejoins in 5th, just behind Hamilton.

53: F-in commercials.

54: Kovalainen is P6.

55: Vettel closing in on Hamilton.

56: Vettel is closing more and more on Hamilton.

57: Shot of a radar showing a possible rain shower that may come over the track towards the end.

58: Rain may be expected in 10 minutes.

59-60: Nothing to report.

61: Debate among the SPEED commentary about Bernie’s proposed medal point system.

62: No rain as of yet, but the threat is still there.

63: Commercials.

65: Rain is starting to fall!!!

65: Heidfeld choosing a similar strategy like he did at Spa, ptting in for Inters!

65: Rosberg and Bourdais in for wets. Raikkonen closes a ton on Alonso, Vettel is all over Hamilton’s rear.

66: Webber in for wets.

66: Ferrari and McLaren mechanics prepping wet tires, Hamilton and Raikkonen pit, Massa stays out.

67: Massa can’t afford to gamble, pits for inters and retains the lead.

67: Everbody but the Toyota’s have pitted for Inters.

67: Hamilton is in P5, good enough to clinch the title, but Vettel is on his gearbox!

68: Vettel is pressuring Hamilton!

68: Hamilton and Vettel navigating through traffic, Vettel is looking for a place to get around Hamilton, looks to use the lap car of Kubica to get around!

68: Kubica blocks Hamilton which allows Vettel to get past! Hamilton to P6, loses the championship lead to Massa, who still leads!

69: Rain is falling heavier!

70: Hamilton despereately trying to get around Vettel!

71: Last lap for Massa, Hamilton is losing ground to Vettel! Can Massa pull off the upset!

71: Checkers are out, Massa wins the Brazilian GP!

71: Hold on, Hamilton is P6, struggling to get around Vettel, but wait, Timo Glock, in the Toyota who is still out on dry tires is struggling to keep control!

71: Coming out of the last turn, Hamilton and Vettel pass Glock and move into 5th and 4th respectively!

71: Hamilton, crosses the line in 5th position! Good enough to clinch the WDC!!!

Lewis Hamilton is the 2008 F1 World Champion!!!

To quote David Hobbs “Lewis, you are one lucky, lucky boy!”

What an incredible end to an incredible 2008 season! Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on the championship and congrats to Felipe Massa on the win of his home GP and to Ferrari on clinching the constructors title!

Robbie and I will keep you fans updated with silly-season news, schedule news and everything else we feel is worthy of sharing!

Brazilian GP Liveblog

November 2, 2008


Brazilian Grand Prix 2008. Massa and Hamilton both have a shot at the championship. What will happen?!

We’re riding along with the billions and BILLIONS of ITV commentators, none of which apparently has a name other than Martin Brundle. It’s about 15 minutes til the race.

Rain race! Massa is going to be TOAST. Trulli in 2nd has to be lightly fueled, and in the rain, that means he’s toast. Look for him to go absolutely nowhere.

Cars about to start the parade lap. RAIN IS BEGINNING. Awesome.

Start is postponed ten minutes to switch to wet tires.

Rain shower has ended. Track is drying. This weather is absolutely weird.

Renault says no rain for at least thirty to forty minutes. This could be insane–Massa goes off into the distance and then potentially gets eaten by the rest of the grid when the rain starts.

Again, Sony’s use of Def Leppard’s Rocket confuses me in its randomness.

About to start parade lap–finally!

Coulthard in 14th for his final race. That’s not exactly good.

Parade lap starts!

Trulli apparently did not have his rain light on at some point. Whether this actually MEANS anything I do not know.

Pulling to the grid!

Kubica starting in the pits.

Crazy start. Kovalainen down to 8th or so, Hamilton 4th, Vettel 5th, Alonso 6th..

Massa 1st, looks like Trulli 2nd and Raikkonen 3rd. Might be wrong.

DC and Piquet wreck. Safety car!

DC out of the car and looking highly annoyed.

Commercial break.

And return from commercial!

Still under safety car.

Safety car in end of the lap. It appears that Rosberg wrecked into Coulthard, who hit Nakajima and Piquet in mid-spin.


Current order: Massa, Trulli, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Kovalainen.

Massa vanishing rapidly. Bourdais in 10th or something and trying to get past Glock. Bourdais gets past Glock for 8th. Barrichello is ELEVENTH from 16th. Not bad.

Louise Goodman with DC:

Qualifying away from Rosberg would have helped(Good for ya, DC!), Rosberg just hit me out of the blue. Race over. Pretty sad.

Stream keeps joining/rejoining. Not much happening other than that Hamilton is now fifth, where he needs to be, and Fisichella is SEVENTH after Hamilton and Glock passed him. Trulli just pushed Bourdais off the track, and Seabass promptly flips him off. YEAH!

Stream keeps dying.  I’m going to let Miguel do his blog; he’s more entertaining than I am.  So long from Brazil!

Interlagos Qualifying Not-so-liveblog

November 1, 2008

Pre-qualifying notes: Rain is expected to be in the forecast for the remainder of the weekend. Something that title hopeful and hometown hero Felipe Maassa doesn’t need is a wet race or qualifying session. If anything good has happened to him so far, the crowd is on Massa’s side and the McLaren’s didn’t show very much pace in the Friday practice sessions.

With that, qualifying, live from Interlagos begins!


20:00 – SPEED’s introduction of thier coverage shows a little review of all the previous qualifying sessions.

20:00 – Live images, no signs of rain, good for Massa

20:00 – The Brazilians definately are showing support for Ferrari and Felipe Massa, I’ve just seen probably the biggest Ferrari flag in the world.

20:00 – Peter Windsor interviews various race engineers and strategists on possible strategies that Hamilton and Massa may run in the Grand Prix, he also gets the opinions of David Coulthard and Nico Rosberg

20:00 – Q1 is now green! For those that read my Monza live-blog know that I’m forced to use the timer on my mobile phone to get the time for qualifying somewhat close, curse my television!

18:35 – Piquet is first out on track, and is looking to become only the 2nd driver in F1 history to be outqualified by his teammate in every race, the commentators mentioned the 1st, but it slipped my mind.

17:15 – On board with the other hometown favorite, Rubinho possibly driving his final Formula 1 Grand Prix.

15:29 – Yay commercials!

10:30 – Back to live images!

10:07 – Matchett says the hairs on the back of his neck (and I imagine tha hairs of his beard) stand up during each and every qualifying session.

9:21 – Kovalainen goes to P2, meh.

8:33 – Hamster to P1.

8:07 – Raikkonen now on track, moves to P4

6:27 – Bourdais moves to lucky 13th while Vettel out shines him yet again by moving into 5th.

5:45 – On board with one of  the quickest drivers so far this weekend, Fernando Alonso.

5:00 – Timo Glock goes through the spin cycle.

4:30 – Another commercial break, this time because of SPEED’s feed f-ing up.

3:30 – Back to live, albeit crappy picture.

2:50 – Massa to P1, Brazil has gone nucking futs! I can’t imagine what will happen if he wins the whole thing!

2:00 – The backmarkers are starting to scramble out on track to advance out of Q1.

:30 – Kubica to P7, Glock moves to 4th.

:10 – Sutil moves up one whopping position to 19th!

:00 – Checkers are out!

Drivers eliminated after Q1:


Button – Ross Braun let the team let him run out of fuel!



Sutil – Wasn’t he just 19th?

Q2 is next!


15:00 – Track is green

14:17 – Glock is first out on track, God those finned engine covers are ugly! And not because it’s Toyota’s either.

12:17 – Trulli and Raikkonen join Glock on track.

11:45 – Massa out on track, this time Brazil keeps their composure.

10:26 – Raikkonen up to P1 with a lap of 1:11.9

9:45 – Massa moves to P1 with a lap of 1:11.8

9:25 – Hamilton to the top by 19 thousands, probably trimmed out on front wing for more speed.

8:09 – Alonso to 4th.

7:57 – Kova to 4th, meh.

7:43 – Vettel on track, moves into P5.

6:30 – Glock is quickest in sector 2 and moves to 3rd.

5:50 – Top 8 drivers are sepereated by a mere quarter-second.

5:13 – Kubica locks up, he’s struggling to control the car, moves to P11, but is still in the relegation zone.

4:12 – Kovalainen fastest in sectors 1 and 2, moves into the provisional pole with a time of 1:11.768

2:25 – Shot of DC’s “farewell” whit paint scheme supporting the Wings for Life foundation.

1:05 – SPEED’s world feed f-s up again.

:26 – Kubica is still in the relegation zone.

:00 – Checkers are out!

:00 – Vettel to P2, he bumps Rubinho out!

:00 – Bourdais to 8th, Kubica is out.

Drivers eliminated after Q2:






Q3 is next!


10:00 – Green

8:55 – Glock is first out again.

8:25 – is your home for all David Hobbs-isms.

7:55 – Be careful what you wish for Rob Kubica, you shouldn’t say you don’t want to be near Hamilton because you might end up nowhere near Hamilton.

6:10 – Vettel moves to P1 by 1.2 seconds. That is not a typo.

5:36 – Massa out on track, fastest in sectors 1 and 2, goes to P1.

4:17 – Hamilton moves to 3rd, off by .7 seconds.

3:55 – Kimster to P2.

3:42 – Trulli to P2.

3:35 – Kova to P4.

3:10 – Replay of Hamilton getting loooooooooose!

2:45 – Tire changes, Massa is first out of the pits, the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiillllllddddd!!!

1:15 – Massa has enogh time for 2 more hot laps if he needs them.

:50 – Massa off slightly in sector 1 and 2

:07 – Massa to P1 and has another lap if he needs it.

:00 – Checkers are out, Hamilton will not get pole, he is 2nd.

:00 – Raikkonen bumps Hamilton to 3rd.

:00 – Alonso to P5.

:00 – Trulli bumps Raikkonen to 3rd and Hamilton to 4th.

:00 – Kovalainen is 5th.

The big story though, Felipe Massa is on pole of his home grand prix in Brazil and has a realistic shot of winning the race and world championship, full qualifying results below.

Row 1 – Massa and Trulli

Row 2 – Raikkonen and Hamilton

Row 3 – Kovalainen and Alonso

Row 4 – Vettel and Heidfeld

Row 5 – Bourdais and Glock

Row 6 – Piquet and Webber

Row 7 – Kubica and Coulthard

Row 8 – Barrichello and Nakajima

Row 9 – Button and Rosberg

Row 10 – Fisichella and Sutil

Indycar Surfers Paradise semi liveblog

October 25, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I know; it’s not F1. And it’s also nine laps in. But here comes the Indycar Lexmark 300(or whatever it’s called now) from Surfers Paradise, Australia, courtesy of ESPN’s internet stream.

Great track, fast chicanes, many wrecks, good racing.

Will Power currently in the lead followed by Ryan Briscoe and (I think) Scott Dixon.


Briscoe got caught off guard by Power’s good jump on the green. Will’s already done gone and vanished.

Ryan Hunter-Reay in 4th.

Ryan’s quicker than Dixon. He should be able to get by at some point providing he can keep up the speed.

Helio is apparently out for unknown reasons–oops, Danica whacked him going into a corner. Nice racing. Not.

Danican’t’s wing is TOAST. Helio is getting tires.

Danica’s wing stuck on for a moment. Cue circus music for the pit guys.

She’s now running 22nd or something. Duh?

Mario Moraes being interviewed by Jan Beekhuis. Doesn’t know what happened. Car evidently must have just crashed itself. Even though the video feed shows him going wide in one of the chicanes.

Lap 13: EJ Viso in 7th. Pyrotechnics MAY result when(not if, when) he wrecks it, probably into about thirty other cars.

Commercial break.

Return. This track is AWESOME. Massive onboard with Briscoe. I really enjoy watching this–huge high-speed chicane action with concrete walls about two inches off each side. The cars look like they’re at Mach 1.

Servia past Vitor Meira.

Danica gets air. 22nd place. Out of 24. She has UBER SKILLZ DUDEZ!

Get off of the DaniCam PLEASE ESPN!

Lap 17: Marco Andretti in 10th? You’re kidding, right?

Briscoe catching Power. AND POWER HITS THE WALL!

Everybody goes past. OMG. Yet again Power is screwed at Surfers. Looks as though a wheel may have broken.

Evidently Power whacked the INSIDE wall and then whacked the same side when he couldn’t turn into the next corner. He isn’t even bothering to make it to the pits.

Briscoe is leading. And the crowd goes wild. Or not.

Commercial break. Looks like about lap 20.

Briscoe appears to be lapping Danica. Nope. Briscoe pits!

As does Ryan Hunter-Reay.

Good stop for Briscoe. Short stop. Ryan’s stuck behind Marco Andretti now. This cannot be good.

YELLOW FLAG. What happened?

Oh wow–three car crash. Graham Rahal, AJ Foyt IV, Ed Carpenter, and possibly other cars may be involved. Vitor Meira missed the crash by a hair’s width if not less. And apparently Danica’s stopped now. Much hand-waving occurs. It appears that she is WAY annoyed. Smacking the steering wheel. This is a future Youtube classic in the making! Now she’s stalled it. FANTASTIC.

Lap 23: Commercial break.

Return. Franchitti pits. To the back of the pack. Back with DANICA. Oh noez.

Lap 25: Back to green. Briscoe leading over Dixon and some orange car that I don’t recognize. It’s rumored it could be a Conquest car. Could even be Servia in the top three. Hell freezes over.

Running order: Briscoe, Dixon, Tagliani, Ryan, Kanaan, Viso(!), Junqueira, Servia, Wilson, Mutoh.

Briscoe “loves coming to Surfers.” FANTASTICALLY fascinating video of him talking about going to watch the race as a kid. I suddenly feel an urge to vomit.

Jan Beekhuis with Will Power. Will admits he screwed up. Five billion brownie points to him! Anyone who can admit their mistake in racing earns my instant admiration. No BS, just what happened.

Lap 28: Franchitti onboard. Sideways into T1 YOWZA.

Commercial break. Again.

Franchitti is TOAST! Spun and out. Turn 5. No idea which that is, could be anywhere depending on whether they count the chicanes as turns or not. Whacked a inner kerb marker and is OUT.

Lap 29: Commercial break. This is EXTREMELY tedious.

Franchitti somehow makes it into the pits. THREE WIDE out of the pits. Holy cow, no wrecks–That was scary.

He apparently is good to race–no big car damage. Hopefully we go back green soon, I’m getting bored of seeing Honda Civic keister.

Green green green!

Ryan Hunter-Reay AGAIN on somebody’s tail. He is brilliant on restarts from yellow. Has a look inside Tagliani into the back chicane. Doesn’t make it.

Reminder from the ESPN guys that Ryan won back in ’03 with CART.

Helio passes Wilson. CLOSE as all get out. Wilson in the pits. Or he just made the pitstop. Or who knows what.

Lap 33: Discussion of Helio’s legal problems. How exactly does that apply to the race? GET BACK TO THE CAR YOU IDIOTS!

Lap 34: Commercial break.

Return to discover that Tony Kanaan has buried it in the wall. Rear suspension is BUSTED.

Jan Beekhuis with Tony: Doesn’t know what happened. Suspension snapped on its own. Alrighty, I suppose he didn’t bury it in the wall. Discussion of next year. Apparently AGR is working hard on next year. Surprise? Not really.

EJ Viso and Servia are having an EPIC battle. Servia keeps getting alongside but can’t pull it off. Fantastic driving here. Viso in 5th, Servia 6th.

“ trivia question: How many drivers have won the Indy 500 and the Indycar championship in the same year?” Duh. Dan Wheldon, Sam Hornish, Dario, and…uhoh. Three only?

Commercial break. Will get answer when the guys return.

DIXON AND BRISCOE PIT. Briscoe gets back out in the lead.
Tagliani DOESN’T pit. That apparently is a big deal.

TAGLIANI AND HUNTER-REAY pit. Ryan apparently whacked Tagliani in the rear. GETS OUT AHEAD OF ALEX!

Oh my.

Ryan passes…either Franchitti or Dixon. I suspect it’s Franchitti. IT’S DIXON!

Oh wait. It’s Franchitti after all. Forget whatever I’m saying.

Trivia answer. SHOOT, Dixon this year. I forgot that. Ok, three out of four isn’t TOO bad?

Lap 44: Viso ordered to let Servia by. Don’t know why. 16 to go!

…And my stream goes to football and won’t go away. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

That’s evidently it for now!  I’ll update this with a replay when I can.

Goodbye from Surfers Paradise!

Singapore Liveblog

September 28, 2008


First, I have to apologize for a qualifying goof up…Hamilton is second on the grid, not third. Raikkonen is third.

Well, now that that’s out of the way….

We’re riding along with ITV and their thirty or so(well, actually eight or something) commentators. Should be fascinating.


Hamilton gets a good start, but Raikkonen gets pretty close–Massa 1st, Hamilton 2nd, Raikkonen 3rd.

Kovalainen losing places left and right. Glock past him even–ouch.

Kovalainen repasses Glock, but Glock repasses Heikki…wow.

Lap 2: Massa in the lead by 2.8.

Alonso is ALL over in 12th behind Nakajima–he’s on soft tires and is fantastically quick.

Replay of start: Heidfeld cut the first corner, probably gained a spot, probably won’t get penalized.

Raikkonen’s already three seconds behind the Hamilton/Massa battle.

Lap 4: Massa 1.8 ahead of Hamilton and 6.2 aheead of Raikkonen. Absolutely creaming Kimi AGAIN. What on earth is wrong with Massa?

Nakajima has a MASSIVE lockup.

There are approximately ten cars stuck behind Trulli unable to get past.

One unnamed ITV guy references the “Trulli Train.” My viewing is mega enhanced.

Ferrari is sparking a lot more than the McLarens. A lot lower.

Rosberg trying Trulli everywhere.

Lap 6: Brake duct in the middle of the track between T9 and T10. Come on guys, clear that out of the way!

Commercial break. Many melting iPod Nanos are seen.

Rosberg and Nakajima have apparently gotten past Trulli. Replay of Rosberg’s pass, big lockup but he saved it. Brilliant.

Massa ran over debris SOMEWHERE…and it’s stuck on the car. OH NO HE’S GONNA BE TOAST. Or not.

Alonso passes Trulli. MEGA pass. Past way before the corner.

Now it’s Webber on Trulli.

Raikkonen now gaining on Massa/Hamilton.

Lap 9: Raikkonen sets fastest lap.

Lap 11: Raikkonen’s approximately a second a lap quicker than Hamilton and Massa ahead. And going quicker. According to ITV, the Iceman is “on fire.”

Trulli is FOUR SECONDS slower than the guys who passed him. Yikes, dude!

Hamilton is 1.5 seconds a lap quicker than his teammate Kovalainen.

Lap 12: Alonso pits. Long middle stint.

Alonso is describing his car as a “right handful.” Humor quotient of Formula One goes up by multiple hundreds of times.

Bourdais spins and recovers.

Nope–Bourdais overshoots a turn and recovers.

Rosberg being told to “push hard.” What do you think he’s doing, guys?!?!?!

Hamilton now 4.5 behind Massa.

Lap 14:

Piquet DESTROYS the car. Safety car. Came out of a corner, spun it around, and took the rear corner off the car. Fantastic looking crunch. He’s out of the car and appears fine, but the car is way toast.

Barrichello is apparently done. Helping push his car away.


He left the pitbox with the fuel hose still WAY on–hauled the entire thing down the pitlane!

Apparently Massa had a green light–he didn’t screw up, Ferrari did as a whole.

Alonso the highest placed guy who’s stopped. Whoda thunk it?

Safety car IN.

Hamilton in 8th. Massa in 18th. Possibly has fuel nozzle damage.

Rosberg and Kubica will get penalties for pitting during a closed pit lane.

Rosberg is about ten up on the entire field due to the Trulli Train behind him.

Rephrase: Trulli is running well in 3rd. Fisichella is holding up the train right now.

Lap 22: Rosberg is more than the length of the pit straight in the lead. Holy leader, batman!

Barrichello tosses his gloves into the bay!

“Luca de Montezemelo has just thrown something rather large against his television after seeing that pitstop.”


Lap 23: Massa gets a drive through penalty. As though he hadn’t suffered enough…

Rosberg and Kubica get ten second stop/go penalties. Rosberg may actually end up in a good spot considering his current lead.

Lap 27: Rosberg is 20 ahead of Fernando Alonso. He’ll lose about 30 in his stop/go, so he’s actually in a quite good position.

Kubica serves his penalty.
Webber goes WAY wide into T1, Hamilton gets past him.

Rosberg serves his penalty, returns in FOURTH ahead of Coulthard and Hamilton. Not too shabby at all!

Webber’s out. Don’t know why, but the engine is sounding rough. Something’s toast. Will he EVER get any luck?

Fisichella is on a one-stop, as is Trulli; both looking EXTREMELY good for some points. Wait a sec, FORCE INDIA and POINTS in the same sentence?!?!?

Kubica passes Massa. Massa is now absolutely nowhere.

Massa pits again. Three-stop or two stop?

Current order(of those fueled to the end): Alonso, Rosberg. HUH?

Lap 33: Trulli pits and returns ahead of Nakajima. Who very nearly passes Trulli into T7.

Alonso, Rosberg, Coulthard, Hamilton the current order.

Kovalainen pits.

…and the ITV stream dies.

Time to switch to SpeedTV!

Lap 36, 25 to go:

Alonso gaining on Hamilton. Pat Symonds looks bored.

Alonso gets twitchy through T2 and T3.

Nakajima passes Trulli. VERY close but he makes it stick.

Raikkonen INHALES Trulli. Not even tough.

Lap 40: Nico Rosberg stops. Final stop.

Tires out for Alonso.


Alonso returns ahead of Hamilton and Coulthard. Hamilton passes Coulthard–great pass!

Coulthard’s lollipop dude lets Coulthard go with the fuel hose still attached–he stopped quickly enough that he may be in a decent position.

Vettel pits from 3rd.

Rosberg appears to be in a pretty solid podium position. Nice job!

Lap 44: Hamilton seven seconds behind Raikkonen. Hamilton 5th, Kimi 4th.

Massa goes WAY wide past T2.

Commercial: Ryan Newman lovefest.

Coulthard radios in that he has brake problems. Oh my.

Sebastian Vettel has been unmentioned through the entire race, but is now seventh. Can this kid have a bad race lately?

Lap 49: Alonso is 17 ahead of Rosberg(and 1.2sec quicker a lap), while Raikkonen is RIGHT behind Rosberg but has to pit again.

TRULLI slow–don’t know why. Something happened, probably. He’s moving but not fast.

Raikkonen out of the pits in fifth. Vettel currently in sixth right behind.

OH MY, Sutil crashes!

Safety car time!

Massa was involved in Sutil’s crash. Trulli finally returns to the pits and goes straight in.

…Massa first spun, and then Sutil crashed later?

WHOA, Sutil hit about 1/4 second after Massa moved out of the way. Scary.

ANNOYING commercial. Argh.


9 to go.

Hamilton gets WAYYYYY sideways. Fantastic stuff.

Alonso 3.7 ahead of Rosberg after a SINGLE LAP?!?!?!?

Alonso six seconds ahead after two laps. And quickest in Sector 3…

Commercial break!

Hamilton is .7 behind Rosberg but doesn’t look like getting past.

4 to go. Raikkonen chasing Glock. RAIKKONEN WRECKS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

He bounced too far over the Turn 10 kerbs and just went straight in. He’s out of the car.

No safety car. Thank god.

Vettel in 5th!

Three to go. Alonso 4.7 in the lead, Rosberg 2 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

One to go! Crowd goes berserk.

ALONSO WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosberg 2nd, Hamilton 3rd, Glock 4th, Vettel 5th, Heidfeld 6th, Coulthard 7th, Nakajima 8th, Button 9th, Kovalainen 10th.

Bourdais 12th — decent!

Massa 13th, Fisichella 14th. Alonso screaming over radio.
“Well done mate, that was BRILLIANT!”

Well, this leaves Hamilton in the points lead with a margin of seven. He’s got a good shot at the win.

We’ll return in two weeks with the Japanese Grand Prix from Fuji!

Singapore Quali Liveblog

September 27, 2008

Hello guys!

Starting about eight minutes in due to my internet connection dying right at the start.

Currently Vettel, Kovalainen, Glock, Massa.

Hamilton goes P1.

Alonso quickest in S1.  Been quick all weekend.  Is this his chance?

9:40 to go.

Kovalainen on harder tire, Hamilton on softer.

Alonso to P2 – 4 tenths slower than in practice, probably going to get a LOT quicker.

Glock goes in circles.

Fisichella’s car is still trashed after a practice crash.  He probably won’t get out in quali.  AWWWW….he’d be 20th anyway.

Barrichello looks actually pretty good.  For a Honda, that is.

Heidfeld is going into the pits as Barrichello comes around–Barrichello has to slam on the brakes.  Yowza!

Kovalainen on the ABSOLUTE limit–slightly twitchy but just LOOKS fast.  Goes P1 by two tenths or so.

Raikkonen in 16th–do or die lap.

…Fisichella gets out, and crashes at the same spot he crashed in practice.  Whooooooops?

Raikkonen goes P1.

Massa to P4.

Shot of David Coulthard’s girlfriend.  My viewing is INCREDIBLY enhanced.

Alonso spun somewhere–don’t know when or where.


Piquet(he can be awesome one race, but completely screw up the next one.  NEXT PLEASE!)





On to Q2!

Kovalainen drifting around.  Cool.


What happened there?

Vettel out – looking good.

Apparently Renault told Alonso to pull over–no reason given.

Massa, Raikkonen, Vettel at the moment.  Vettel using every inch of the track, quite impressive.

Kubica to P4.

Heidfeld to P5.  Not bad for the “slower” BMW.

Kovalainen to P2.  ABSOLUTELY on the limit–bouncing, drifting, sliding.

Hamilton to only P8.  VERY uncomfortable looking.  Yikes!  All over the track.


Trulli to NINTH.

Glock to FIFTH.

Button to ELEVENTH.  Good drive for a Honda!

Nakajima to TENTH.


Hamilton tenth.  Rather close to not making it through Q2…

Q2:  Massa, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Vettel.


11. Trulli

12. Button

13. Webber

14.  Coulthard

15.  Alonso


Vettel first out.  He’s apparently had a high school temporarily named after him.  Wow?

Raikkonen VERY twitchy in the last turn.

Currently:  Massa, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Vettel.

3:30 to go.  Hamilton back onto super-soft tires.

Raikkonen sideways in T1, catches it and continues.

Final qualifying(had several glitches in Q3, couldn’t tell what happened):

Massa, Raikkonen, Hamilton

Monza Liveblog

September 14, 2008

Greetings!  Welcome to Monza.   We’re riding with ITV and their numerous unnamed commentators.  I may go offline unexpectedly, we’ve got huge rain here

Lap 1:  Race is starting under safety car.  SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS stalls on the grid from fourth…..

It appears Bourdais can start again, but he has some pretty serious hydraulic problems.

Lap 2:  Safety car IN this lap.  Vettel will lead away.

Lap 3:  Kovalainen WAY behind Vettel.  No drama yet into the first chicane.

Raikkonen to 13th, Hamilton to 14th.

Webber keeping up in third, Timo Glock past Alonso into 7th.

Lap 4:  Vettel two seconds in the lead.  Alonso repasses Glock into T1.

Coulthard passes Fisichella to go into 11th.  Hamilton went past Raikkonen but shortcutted a chicane….

Lap 5:  Commercial break.   Eew.

Lap 7:  Return to Monza.  Glock spins.  Vettel is SIX seconds in the lead.  Hamilton is slowish behind Raikkonen.  Momentary complaining about it by the ITV guys.

Hamilton tries to go inside Kimi.  Kimi closes door.  End of story.  Hamilton in 13th, Raikkonen in 12th, Fisichella in 11th.

Lap 8:  Raikkonen uberpasses Fisichella.  Vettel sets fastest lap.

Lap 9:  “Let’s get a Massa update”

Hamilton on Fisichella’s tail.  Gets in the slipstream…blows straight past.  Fisichella attempts to block, but no go.

Lap 10:  Hamilton past Raikkonen!

Lap 11:  Massa says that full wets are wearing out too quickly.  Intermediates will soon be needed.

Lap 14:  Hamilton passes Heidfeld.  Massa passes Rosberg.  Fisichella whacks his front wing off on Coulthard and goes STRAIGHT into the wall.

Lap 15:  Vettel ten seconds ahead.  Hamilton up to 9th and pushing Kubica for eighth.

Hamilton FLIES by Kubica.

Heavy rain on the way…..whoa.

Lap 17:  Piquet in 14th?!?!?!  VETTEL PITS.

ALONSO PASSES ALONSO.  Alonso tried to block, almost hit him, and then Alonso tried to come back in the chicane.  Hamilton will not be resisted.

Lap 19:  Kovalainen, Webber, Massa, Vettel.  Raikkonen making zero progress.

Lap 20:  Glock passes Alonso.  Good clean pass.  Alonso “reversing down the field.”

Hamilton right behind Trulli.

Passes into T1, goes wide….lets Trulli back past….

Lap 23.  Kovalainen pits.  Webber pits.  Vettel leads again.

Commercial break.

Dumb Renault Koleos commercial.  I laugh.

Lap 25.  Hamilton went straight around Rosberg.  No fight from Nico.  Glock pits.

Hamilton is “coming alive.”  I HATE ITV.

Trulli pits.  Raikkonen pits from 10th.

Hamilton only a second behind Vettel!

26 to go.  HAMILTON PITS.

Lap 28.  Hamilton in 10th ahead of Massa.

Rosberg pits.  Kovalainen back to 2nd.

Rosberg qualified fifth with a one-stop fuel load–I’m impressed.  Slight goof-up in the pits, but he makes it out.  Coulthard pits.

Coulthard on inters!  Will have to see how he does.

Coulthard goes straight on at the chicane.  Obviously a tad slippery on inters.

Vettel is 12.5 ahead of Kovalainen.  Oh my.

Lap 30:  Alonso pits.

Alonso takes inters!

Raikkonen passes Trulli.

Glock gets passed by Raikkonen.

Lap 32 – Commercial break.  Annoying.

Lap 34:  Massa pits.  INTERS.

Rosberg pits for inters.

Kovalainen pits.  Probably will get inters.  Yeah.

Webber pits for inters.

Massa gets a tad twitchy out of the Ascari chicane on his inters.

Trulli passes Kubica.  Mega.

Massa passes WEBBER….Whoa.


Kimi pits for intermediates.

Lap 35:  VETTEL PITS.  “Has to go for the intermediate tire.”

Piquet still hasn’t stopped.  Holy cow.  Vettel comes out a straight ahead of Hamilton, who pits for inters!

Hamilton right behind Massa!

Hamilton passes Webber.  Massa is next on his “hit list”…

Piquet and Button whack each other, though they’re still continuing.

Lap 37:  Vettel is sixteen laps from a win.  This could be absolutely mega.

Lap 39:  Massa passes Heidfeld by cutting a chicane.  Heidfeld goes back past.

Lap 41:  Vettel eleven seconds ahead of Kovalainen.

Lap 43:  Button and Coulthard “having a good old ding dong on the racetrack.”  ITV is amazingly dumb.

Piquet goes off-road.  SERIOUS off-road.

Lap 48:  Hamilton and Webber bounce off each other.  Webber may pass Hamilton for 7th!

Glock passes Coulthard.

Nakajima/Coulthard whack off each other at the Parabolica, damage on Coulthard, who pits.

Lap 53:  VETTEL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!  He’s hugging his helmet…is probably undergoing shock.  Kovalainen 2nd, Kubica 3rd, Alonso 4th, Heidfeld, Massa, Hamilton, Webber, Raikkonen.

Vettel “does not know what to say” according to his radio transmission.

Ok, to wrap up:

Vettel was simply brilliant.  Quick in the wet beyond belief, definitely deserves this win.  I will see you in Singapore in two weeks for another liveblog!

Monza Quali somewhat live-blog

September 13, 2008

Today I’ll be doing the qualifying live blog for Monza as Robbie (who we know and love as f1ronspeak, the founder & owner) had go take some tests today. (ACT or something) The TV is set to SPEED, I have a cup of Joe (hey, it’s only 4:50 here on the left coast) and I’m all ready to go. 🙂

Pre-Quali Notes:

  • Rain is in the forecast, as it will be all weekend. Things will surely get interesting.
  • Kimi Raikkonen was quoted this week, saying that “We’ll give it all to win, for the team and to the fans”. After another bad result last weekend at Spa. Ferrari needs to get a good result in front of the home fans after that whipping McLaren put on them here last year.

With that, SPEED’s opening sequence for their F1 coverage starts…


20:00 – Showing highlights of the Hamilton/Raikkonen battle last weekend. Bobby Varsha is recapping the post race events for those of us living under rocks.

20:00 – Rain!! Even though it’s a sprinkle right now the track is still soaked from the rain overnight and in the morning practice. A wet Monza is an exciting Monza!

20:00 – Interview with Sebastien Bourdais on how to take the kebrs at Monza. Isn’t SeaBass still a rookie? Even though he’s won the last 4 champ car titles and has never raced at Monza before. Interesting

20:00 – What the hell is a “mutter” or a “mudda”? And it wasn’t used in a ghetto fashion like “muddaf**ka” either.

20:00 – Commercials, Q1 should begin after the break…

20:00 – It’s green! Quite a few takers including both Force India Cars, Trulli, both BMW’s, and Massa. Kovalainen joins the fun as we’re on board with Massa as he nearly runs up the ass end of one of the STR cars.

17:52 – One of the BMW’s spin, it looks to be Heidfeld

17:15 – All cars are on track, isn’t this Q1?

16:45 – On board with Raikkonen battling with a HONDA and LOSING!

15:25 – By the way, for whatever reason my TV decides to hid the fastest driver and the timer all the way at the top of the screen, I’m using the timer on my cell phone to get somewhat close with the reamining time in each session.

14:41 – Stevie Matchett rants about how crashing the car will end your qualifying session.

13:38 – Raikkonen is 20th?!?!?!?!?

13:14 – Glock is fastest, Trulli not far behind in 3rd, maybe some of Toyota’s NASCAR success is starting to transfer to their F1 program.

12:15 – Raikkonen moves to 9th, the Iceman had me worried for a minute or so.

10:47 – Kovalainen is on a hot lap, moves to first.

10:10 – Commercials…

10:10 – Formula BMW update time – Alexander Rossi (any relation to Valentino?) swept the races at Mid-Ohio

10:10 – Ferrari challenge video game promo, the game looks freakin’ sweet.

9:35 – Back to live coverage, on board with the man of the hour (or week), Lewis Hamilton.

7:55 – Replay of the Hamster going over the kerbs. Hopefully the FIA doesn’t give him another 25 second penalty.

4:45 – Most of the field coming in for a new set of wet tires. Do I see Reanault mechanics in the background pushing Piquet’s car into the garage?

2:55 – A noticeable dry line is starting to form around the track, but it’s still too wet for inters, all cars on track.

0:00 – Checkers are out, back markers are scrambling to get into Q2, Coulthard is in, Alonso bumps his teammate Piquet, Giancarlo moves to 12th, Rubens is out. Replay of Nakajima cutting the chicane, hopefully Kazoo doesn’t get a 25 second penalty (not that it mattters, he too is eliminated).

0:00 – With that, Q1 is over, results below…

Standings after Q1:

  1. Kovalainen
  2. Hamilton
  3. Vettel
  4. Rosberg
  5. Massa
  6. Bourdais
  7. Kubica
  8. Heidfeld
  9. Glock
  10. Trulli
  11. Raikkonen
  12. Webber
  13. Fisichella
  14. Alonso
  15. Coulthard
  16. Barrichello
  17. Piquet Jr.
  18. Nakajima
  19. Button
  20. Sutil

drivers eliminated


15:00 – It’s green!!

13:20 – Hobbs quoting Alonso, who said that somebody, maybe him would run on inters in Q2.

12:25 – Kubica sliding, his new name is supposedly Roberto. (courtesty of Polish TV reporters)

11:15 – McLaren mechanics have a set of inters ready in the pits, looks like Alonso has a career in future telling if the racing deal doesn’t work out.

10:55 – Kovalainen fastest again.

10:06 – Seabass to 3rd, but his future with STR is still uncertain.

9:32 – Rosberg to P3.

9:21 – Raikkonen  goes wiiiiiiiddddeeeee, much like he did in Spa.

8:54 – Hamilton reportedly made a 1 lap run on inters, but he immediately came back in for wets. So much for Alonso’s prediction.

8:45 – Commercials…

8:41 – 14 of the 15 cars on track, Webber is in the pits, just because he’s a member of the GPDA doesn’t mean he can skip Q2!

7:30-6:20 – SPEED commentators agreeing that Ronny Dennis and Hamilton missed their golder opportunity ro run on inters. Obvious look of disgust on Dennis’ face.

3:40 – Raikkonen and Hamilton are 14th and 15th! We see why Hamster’s is 15th after a 360° spin.

2:45 – Lots of standing water and spray.

0:00 – Checkers are out! Hamilton is off the pace by 4 seconds! He won’t go to Q3!

0:00 – Kubica spins off of Ascari, he too won’t go to Q3!

0:00 – Raikkonen won’t be in Q3 either, joining Hamilton, Kubica, Fisi and DC.

Standings after Q2:

  1. Vettel
  2. Kovalainen
  3. Rosberg
  4. Trulli
  5. Bourdais
  6. Webber
  7. Alonso
  8. Glock
  9. Heidfeld
  10. Massa
  11. Kubica
  12. Fisichella
  13. Coulthard
  14. Raikkonen
  15. Hamilton

drivers eliminated


10:00 – It’s green!! Massa leads out of the pits, it’s absolutely pouring out there!

9:02 – Massa and Bourdais slip-sliding around.

7:35 – Ferrari’s hopes at Monza and the championship lie with Massa.

6:17 – Bourdais fastest! Out of 3 cars.

5:50 – 8 cars have posted times, now 9 with Webber’s 3rd place lap

5:06 – Replay of Glock locking up.

4:50 – All cars on track, all cars have posted a time.

4:00 – Vettel is now fastest, Bourdais 3rd, both Ferrari powered STR cars ahead of Massa in the sole remaining works car.

2:48 – Rosberg to 3rd, Bourdais and Vettel still ahead of Massa.

2:13 – On board with Rosberg eating the kerbing, hopefully he doesn’t get a 25 second penalty.

1:42 – Bourdais does a 540° spin in Ascari, David Hobbs gives him a 9.9, he lost 0.1 for the landing.

0:40 – Drivers scrambling to get their last laps in.

0:00 – Checkers are out!

0:00 – Massa 6th, no pole for the red cars.

0:00 – STR mechanics wait for Kovalainen to finish his hotlap, Vettel is still 1st.

0:00 – Kovalainen crosses 2nd, Vettel gets the pole, and the mechanics go WIIIILLLLLD as they deserve to. Bravo!

0:00 – Radio transmission between a calm STR mechanic and an elated Sebastian Vettel. Vettel becomes youngest pole winner at 21 years and 73 days of age.

Final Qualifying Standings:

  1. Vettel
  2. Kovalainen
  3. Webber
  4. Bourdais
  5. Rosberg
  6. Massa
  7. Trulli
  8. Alonso
  9. Glock
  10. Heidfeld
  11. Kubica
  12. Fisichella
  13. Coulthard
  14. Raikkonen
  15. Hamilton
  16. Barrichello
  17. Piquet Jr.
  18. Nakajima
  19. Button
  20. Sutil

Post Quali Interviews:

Vettel 1 – He’s still in disbelief, he told us how he was joking when he told his engineers that if it was going to be wet, he would go for pole. He said there was alot of water, he was aquaplaning and nearly lost the car on numerous occasions. He didn’t feel very comfortable in the wet practice on Friday, the team made a bunch of changes on the car overnight. He also said it was difficult running with all the traffic, especially in Q1, but applauded all the driver for giving each other room and making it safe. He did the best he could, more or less in Q2.

Kovalainen – He said he was pretty close with Vetetl, the 1st lap wasn’t as good. He thinks he’s in a good position for the race, which he said would be good and competitive. He didn’t quite know what went wrong with Hamilton and the intermediate tires.

Webber – Congratulated STR & Vettel with a look of dissappointment on his face. He said his last lap in Q3 in the wet was his best, he wanted to get through both chicanes and Ascari perfectly because of all the standing water.

Vettel 2 – He’s still speechless, it’ll take time for it to sink in for him. Keeps mentioning how fantastic and incredible the moment is.

Th-th-th-That’s all folks! For qualifying at least, check back tomorrow for a live blog of the Santander Italian Grand Prix at Monza!