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Things NASCAR should do: Part 1 – Rain Races

August 2, 2008

For the few people that probably read this blog already know that we shift all of our focus towards Formula 1 racing. Well, today (as well as July 28th) our focus will be on NASCAR. Today was a pretty big day in NASCAR history, as it was the first time ever that a race that was run in the rain. I kid you not, the NASCAR Nationwide Series (NASCAR’s equivalent of GP2) raced a wet race, on wet tires at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec. There were many road-course specialists (Scott Pruett, Max Papis) and native Canadians (Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Carpentier and race winner Ron Fellows) battling for the lead.

As for the race itself, things started dry, but the skies were very ominous and it went about 8 laps before the rain started to fall and all the cars dove into the pits to put on winshield wipers, rain tires and to adjust the cars for the wet. The race was dominated early by car #59 of Marcos Ambrose (2-time Australian V8 Supercar champion) but he had to make a pit stop around lap 40, and also got caught speeding (no speed limiters on stock cars like our beloved open wheel autos) on the very soaked pit lane and would have to settle for 3rd. But this is where things started to get wacky. Ron Fellows, who pitted under an early yellow flag (Safety Car) found himself with 12 more laps of fuel than the rest of the field and had a 50 second lead before the heavens opened up and it began to rain heavily (like Spa 1998 rain) which caused the SC to be brought out again and Fellows looked to be in the worst positions

BUT, things got even weirder when Jacques Villeneuve, driving the #32 car ran right up the rear end of another car causing severe damage to his front end. And Joey Lagano, driving the #20 car was aqua-plaining in turns 13 and 14 and hit the inside wall (not the wall of champions). NASCAR decided to bring the cars into the pit lane and the race was eventually stopped due to rain and Ron Fellows was victorious.

NASCAR, while getting heat for bringing some tires worse than Michelin did in 2005 to Indy last weekend semmed to have redeemed themselves by putting on probably one of the best races this year in the wet.


Why NASCAR shouldn’t race at Indy for Dummies

July 28, 2008

Finally…the moment has come.

NASCAR, long known to real race fans as the most boring sport in the world, has achieved new levels of idiocy. In an attempt to succeed F1’s dumbest ever moment, the 2005 United States Grand Prix, NASCAR has managed to create something approximately as interesting as watching grass grow. NASCAR evidently was unable to realize that the temperature in Indianapolis in July is just under that in Hell, and chose a tire that worked in 60 degree weather. Faced with 100 degree weather, NASCAR put out “Competition [Hindering] Cautions” in an attempt to let drivers change tires. This is completely unlike Indianapolis’ 2005 USGP, in which the Michelin teams were not allowed to CHANGE tires. Evidently, NASCAR hasn’t learned a thing, and instead of repeating history, have made it look pretty doggone good. And in the process, they may have come up with the best possible reason to bring F1 back to America.